Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 Kayak Review

Looking for a kayak that utilizes the whole body? Hobie has done it again and has crafted the Revolution 11.6-foot pedal kayak.

No longer will paddlers suffer from sore arms, with the Revolution they can now drop the rudder and let their legs take over as a kayak with foot pedals.

The Revolution is all about comfort as well as performance. This stable kayak is great for calm waters either out on the lake or in bays.

This sit-on-top kayak is great for family outings or the recreational trip to go bird watching or fishing. Hobie has truly made a 'hands-free' kayak with the Revolution.

Our Review of the Hobie Mirage Revolution 13 Kayak


Tons of storage, perfect for fishing.


Cargo area, rudder system.


High quality polyethylene.


Pricey but totally worth it.


  • The Revolution comes with enough storage space to suit any paddler for a nice day out on the water.
  • It comes standard with a rear cargo area and two 8" twist and seal hatches along with a gear bucket that can hold live bait as well as a large covered bow hatch for other gear.
  • It also comes with the infamous twist and stow rudder system that allows the paddler to easily switch from paddling and peddling.
  • With the Revolution a kayaker can switch from using foot power to arm power and back again giving a full body workout.
  • Another awesome quality is that there are rod holders for those who want to take the kayak out for a day of lazy fishing.


  • The Hobie is a great kayak for all-around performance, however, it is best suited for small to midsize paddlers/ peddlers.

Features of Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 Kayak

One of the most amazing aspects of Hobie's Revolution foot powered kayak is that it will turn in its own length making it super easy to handle and steer.

However what really stands out is the seat that is all around adjustable from the seat-back to the height and even the lumbar support to suit the kayaker’s needs and stay out on the water longer.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 kayak

Hobie's Revolution kayak is constructed of high-quality polyethylene materials making is super strong, durable and reliable.

While the outer hard shell is super strong it is important to keep an eye on the peddles when transporting the kayak to the water so as not to damage them.

Tracking and Stability​

The twist and stow rudder allows the kayak to turn and maneuver easily in the water.

However, due to the fact is has fins and a rudder suggests that it wouldn't do well in shallow waters where it can get snagged on the lake bed causing the kayak to stall.

The Revolution is incredibly stable kayak and nearly impossible to flip making it a great recreational kayak for all ages and skill levels.​


For a single paddle/peddle kayak it only weighs 64 pounds, but that is with the Mirage Drive foot powered system which can be removed and sealed up for those who want to turn this kayak into a standard paddling kayak.

However, the weight capacity is only 275 pounds which doesn't leave a lot left over for storing lots of gear for all day fishing even though there is plenty of storage space.


When it comes to comfort the Revolution comes with the Hobie's famous Vantage CT seating with two storage pockets to keep personal effects close at hand.

The kayak seat can adjust up to three height levels and can also recline making the angler as comfortable as possible while waiting for the fish to bite.

For those just cruising around, the reclining seat also makes it super easy to soak up some sun while out on the water.

The kayak offers plenty of leg room to peddle about as well as full range of motion should the kayak be used for fishing.


Hobie certainly knows how to create fantastic kayaks for all skill levels and adventures. The Revolution 11 will definitely make any angler smile with its lightweight, easy maneuverability and storage compartments.

But what really make Hobie top of their league are all the optional upgrades one can get with the kayak.With Hobie, it's not just about paddling, but getting the most out of the great outdoors by customizing the kayak with a sailing kit or electric motor.

Even without all the extra, the ability to shift from paddling to peddling helps to relieve some of the muscle soreness that comes with kayaking.

If there was only one kayak to get for recreational needs, it would have to be a Hobie Mirage Revolution 11.

Kayak Fishing Team

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Ross Kushner - March 18, 2019

You have to watch out for hull cracks with this kayak. My Revo 11 hull cracked after just 3 years. Hobie will sometimes replace it at a discount, but the replacement has NO warranty. Also, if you raise the rudder, this is the worst paddling kayak ever. You will struggle to keep it on course. So, forget about paddling it. Finally, the front hatch leaks terribly.


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