Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures: Top Choices for 2019

If you've been kayak fishing, you probably want to accomplish your biggest catch, don't you? Well, the best fish finder for kayak adventures on our list are what you need to equip yourself with.

Though kayak fishing is considerably an age-old sport, there are several ways you could uplift the traditional methods and waste no time to mark the biggest catching haul in your fishing life.

The best fish finder for kayak adventures help you to locate the fish underwater. They detect the reflected pulses of sound energy and provides you enough information in locating the schools of fish. It's all about utilizing technology for an effective kayak fishing experience.There are several options available to choose from. From marine radar to compass and the latest GPS navigation, fish finders come with a different degree of specification and pricing. Worry no more as we present you a well-researched guide about the best fish finder for kayak adventures you need to get yourself.

Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures 

Why Is the Best Fish Finder for kayak Adventures Necessary?

The odds are you won't fish anything or you won't be able to locate where exactly the school of fish is if you make guess.That is why you need a fish finder. With technology, you can fish efficiently and you don't need to wait all day long to find that favorite fishing spot of yours.

With fish finders that are best designed for kayaks, you get to see the structure underwater and locate where the fishes are. You get to analyze the contour, the water conditions, temperature and several other details. 

Things to Consider When You Invest In the Best Fish Finder for kayak Adventures

Well, it took me years before I decided to invest in the best fish finder for kayak adventures. I was confused if fish finders worked as great as it's expected to. I did not know what design or specifications I need to choose from and the availability of different models of fish finders got me confused. I started doing my own research, sought advice from several anglers and tested a lot of fish finders for myself. Here are few things you need to keep in mind when you decide to get a fish finder for your kayak.

Display of the Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures

Kayak fishing is way different than fishing in small boats. You've very less space to accommodate and you need to consider the loading capacity as well. The display or the console is what gives you the visualization of what's happening underwater. It's basically the most important unit. 

While large displays are good as they visualize over a large portion of water, anything larger than 5-6 inches would make it difficult to mount it. Plus, they are heavy too. As kayaks are not so wide, I prefer display sizes that are less than 5 inches. I generally go with the 4-inch models.

Another display feature you need to consider in buying a perfect fish finder is the screen resolution. The better and clear picture you get, the easy it gets to differentiate echoes, and other parameters.Screen resolutions lesser than 240 X 160 pixels are what I'd completely avoid because the display is unclear. Though they are cheap, it gets really difficult to analyze the parameters. I generally prefer the highest resolution fish finders that have 640 X 480 pixels.

Fish finders also come in color and black and white models. If you are tight on budget, the grayscale display models are fine but with a color display, the viewing becomes easier even under bright light. 

Power and Batteries of the Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures

You'll have to setup the power source all by yourself. You pack the marine battery in a waterproof box and power the transducer and display. To avoid the hassle, get a portable fish finder as it comes in a package that is ready to mount already. 

If you plan to go with a regular power source, wattage is what you need to consider. The better the wattage, the better the overall performance. High wattage power sources will make the overall process faster and effective in displaying and reading. 

100-watt batteries are cheap, but they are suited only for shallow water fishing. I generally prefer to go with the 600-watt source because it's light and works really well. 

If you are a serious angler, you better go with the 1000-watt batteries. ​

I also look for power sources that accommodate replaceable batteries. I prefer taking an additional battery in case the first one runs out of power. 

Transducers of the Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures

The transducer is the backbone of the fish finder. It sends sound waves to locate the terrain inside water. 

Basically, it operates in the sonar principle where the sound waves are generated and passed inside water. These waves reflect back and a picture is developed which is then displayed on the screen.

More the frequency of the transducer better is the display. Fishfinders come in different frequencies: 50, 83, 192 and 200 kHz. There are also expensive models that come with dual or multiple frequencies and you get to see the 3D images on the display with them. 

Cone angle is also an important feature of the transducer in fish finders. With a bigger degree of the cone, the perspective of the underwater layout increases. It covers a significant portion of the water just below the surface. However, unlike narrow cones, these can not penetrate deep into the water and find the composition of the bottom.

Portable or fixed?

Portable fish finders are easy to use. They are entirely self-contained and are the better choice considering their easiness to use. 

They have already designed battery power supplies and come with a carrying case. It also has a transducer that is already attached to the transom. If you ice fish or “fly-in” fish, they are perfect because they are comparatively small and as the name suggests they are portable. 

Fixed fish finders are still the most used models by several kayakers. They are large but less expensive and generally come with additional features of chartplotters, map and backtrack GPS.

The Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures

There are varieties of the best fish finder for kayak adventures that you can find depending on your requirement, specification and budget. You might not know what's the right fit for you. Well, I've already used and hand-tested about 50 fish finders in ten years of my professional kayak fishing experience.To make it easy for you to select, I've reviewed the ten best fish finders you can currently purchase for an amazing kayak fishing experience. 

1. Deeper Smart Portable- Best Kayak Fish Finder

Fish Hunter Military Grade Portable fish finders for kayaks.

If this isn't the best fish finder for kayak adventures, we don't know what is.The Deep Smart fish finder is a portable wireless sonar device, designed for amateurs and professionals alike. 

It helps out to find the location of fish, it's depth, the water temperature, bottom contour and the structure of the underwater.​

Using Deeper requires no additional devices or screens to read from. It works on both iOS and Android devices and is suitable for oceans, lakes, and rivers, saltwater or fresh. 

It's light weight, portable, extremely versatile and has a high accuracy sonar making it one of the best fish finders in different water conditions where many others can't be used. 

It can be operated in depths from just 1.5 ft to 130 ft. below the surface of the water, both fresh and salt. It's also perfect for ice-fishing. 

One reason why I love Deeper the most is because it's very easy to install in kayaks. Screw deeper to the flexible arm mount and attach it to the kayak with a clamp, it's so easy. ​

It comes with a lithium rechargeable battery that can be full-charged in less than two hours and lasts for four hours under continuous use. Also, the presence of Bluetooth connection enables low battery consumption, making it last longer.

It also features dual beam sonar with 55 and 15-degree cone, making it operate at two different frequencies, 90 kHz, and 290 kHz respectively. 

Using deeper has helped me to fish better and smarter and it's what I used to make one of my biggest catch ever.

Features I like​

  • Light-weight and easy to carry (weighs only 100 grams). 
  • Can be used with Android and iOS smartphones. 
  • Uses Bluetooth to transmit information (better power performance). 
  • High accuracy sonar shots and crystal clear display.
  • Good for both day and night fishing, shallow or deep water. 

2. Lowrance FishHunter PRO

fish finders

Here is another top contender for the best fish finder for kayak adventures. Hands down, the FishHunter PRO is the world's fastest wireless fish finder that works with Android and iOS devices.

Unlike devices that rely on Bluetooth or your cellular data connection to work with your smartphone, the FishHunter PRO uses a specialized WiFi data connection. You can toggle between five tri-frequency transducers, each of which supports 381kHz, 475kHz, and 675kHz.

With this fish finder, you can choose between three different view settings. Fish View shows each fish as a basic symbol. Raw View displays unfiltered sonar data. And Ice Fishing Flasher lets you see fish swimming underneath the ice.

You can even create custom maps within the app for your favorite fishing spots. The app also allows you to livestream catches, keep track of your luck at a specific spot, and follow your friends.

The built-in LED lighting makes this fish finder perfect for fishing in the early morning hours or after dark. No matter what the weather or lighting conditions may be, you’ll be able to easily see your fish finder.

What I particularly love about this fish finder’s light is that it also serves as an illuminated fish attractor. This helps make kayak fishing in the morning as well as at night a great success. 

It can be used in water depth starting at 4 ft. to 150 ft. while also being super light and easy to carry.

This fish finder can be easily charged with a USB port.

Keeping detailed information about the location, types of fish and the catch is super easy making it a perfect upgrade to any of its previous versions. ​It's surely a bang for the buck.

Features I like

  • Extremely portable and easy to use.
  • Supports 7000+ iOS and Android devices.
  • Uses Wi-Fi without data or internet connection, providing 4X better performance than Bluetooth.
  • Fastest tri-frequency fish finder currently on the market.
  • Quick and convenient USB charging.
  • Illuminated fish attractor and visibility LED.

3. Humminbird 409800-1 Helix 7 DI Fish Finder

Humminbird 409800-1 Helix 7 DI - fish finders

Are you looking for the best fish finder for kayak adventures? The Humminbird 7 DI fish finder is poised to give you eyes underneath your kayak. It features a 7-in display that has 800 X 400 pixels to provide you vivid color with perfect images to maximize your fishing opportunity.

​It's an upgrade over the traditional 2D fish finders with Down Imaging which makes it one of the best fishing gear to have.

On top of that, it works on 455 kHz frequency and can be operated in both fresh and saltwater up to the depth of 600 feet. 

It also has built-in maps of the US coastlines, a feature that I particularly love. The quick-release gimbal mount is what makes it easy to adjust and remove. 

The capability to detect spatial changes as the kayaks or small boats move forward produces great images of the underwater terrain. Also, the detection of contour changes makes fishing so easy with an amazing display in its 1500 nit bright screen.

The only downside I feel it has is, it does not come with a in-built GPS.​

Features I like​

  • ​Down imaging sonar, perfect for fishing and navigation.
  • 400X800, 7-in screen resolution with 1500 nit brightness.
  • Blazing fast, clear and precise picture. 
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater fishing.
  • Good angle adjustments.

4. Furuno FCV628 Color LCD Fish Finder

Furuno FCV628 Color LCD Fish Finders

The Furuno FCV628 model comes with a 5.7-in LCD display with Accu-Fish, bottom discrimination, and Rezboost. These built-in features help improve resolution and target separation for a better fishing experience.

The full-color display offers a unique fish finding experience for all experience levels. 

Accu-Fish helps detect exactly what is under the water’s surface. This technology identifies fish size from 10 to 199 cm in length. It's precise, accurate and displays both horizontal and vertical images which makes fishing much easier.

Fish Marks helps both novice and experienced fishers identify and track fish in the water. You can choose from circles, squares, and two different-sized fish shapes for these marks.

The bottom discrimination feature differentiates between gravel, rock, sand, and other bottom materials. With this extra information, you can better detect rich fishing locations in large bodies of water.

The Furuno FCV628 measures depths between 2 and 100 meters. With such a wide range, this fish finder can be used in a variety of locations.

It's powered by a 600-watt power source and operates in two different frequencies: 50 kHz and 200 kHz. 

At just under 6 pounds, this fish finder is pretty hefty. But with so many great features included, the extra weight is definitely worth it.

With this fish finder, you can take advantage of transmission rates up to 3,000 pulse repetitions per minute. You’ll never miss another fishing opportunity with this impressive fish finder at your disposal.

Features I like​

  • 5.7-in color LCD display.
  • Accu-Fish, bottom discrimination, and Rezboost features.
  • Strong 600-watt transmitter.
  • Extremely fast and operable even up to the depth of 100 meters.

5. Docooler Portable 3.5-in LCD Fish Finder

Docooler Portable 3.5 - fish finders

Here is one of the best fish finder for kayak adventures that is inexpensive, yet suitable for both beginners and professionals is the Docooler Portable 3.5-in LCD Fish Finder. 

This fish finder features a large screen that is easy to read even in bright sunlight. It also features automatic and quick manual zoom functions. Multiple language settings make this a great choice for a variety of users.

Operable from 1.8 ft. to 984 ft. depth, it offers a wide range of uses from small lakes to the open sea. It also includes big and small fish size and depth indicators.

You can even take advantage of the audible fish and depth alarms from 3 to 99 ft so that you don’t have to spend your entire fishing voyage staring at your fish finder.

The dual beam sonar frequency includes 83kHz and 200kHz. This fish finder also has an anti-interference feature for grassy lakes. 

Features 800-watt maximum output power and 100-watt RMS power. Plus, you can keep track of your current battery reserve with the built-in strength indicator. When it’s time to recharge the Docooler Portable LCD Fish Finder, it can be conveniently and easily recharged with the included charging cable.

This is a great fish finder for kayaking, but is also suitable for ice, boat, and shore fishing.

A transducer with 12 ft cable is included. This fish finder also comes with mounting brackets. Plus, you can remove the device when not being used to prevent theft.

It's small size, low weight and advanced features make this fish finder an absolute steal for the price.

Features I like​

  • Small in size and weighs less than 2 pounds.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Operable in both day and night.
  • Great 3.5-in screen display.
  • Nice accuracy up to the depth of 984 feet.

6. Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite-7 Ti - fish finders

The Elite-7 Ti fish finder by Lowrance comes with an impressive full-color touch screen. The 7-in screen is suitable for users of any level and size. Plus, the touch screen allows for easy, quick access to all of this fish finder’s features.

The super-bright, high-resolution color display has an LED backlight for improved visibility. This makes it operable in any light conditions.

You can add side scan capabilities to this fish finder, but will need to invest in a TotalScan transducer. If you decide that you want to add this feature later on, you can upgrade your transducer appropriately.

This fish finder includes a built-in depth alarm and a depth capability of up to 5,000 ft. This impressive depth range means that you can use the Elite-7 Ti in a variety of fishing environments.

Plus, the 10Hz GPS antenna supports high-definition mapping and makes navigating any waters a breeze. This device can handle up to 5,000 waypoints and 200 routes. Popular fishing spots come pre-loaded on this fish finder for easy and convenient navigation.

The CHIRP sonar technology offers incredible views of the water and bottom below your kayak. And the DownScan Imaging adds structure to fish close to the bottom. 

This fish finder can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth or a wireless network, allowing you to download updates at any time.

Easily detach this fish finder form your mount for secure stowing and theft prevention.

The all-in-one thumb operation feature is particularly valuable, while the multi-window feature offers easy navigation and the ability to multitask while out on the water.

Features I like​

  • High definition 7-in display with 800x480 pixels.
  • Great accuracy both for day and night fishing.
  • Comes with built-in GPS.
  • Excellent DownScan capability.
  • Affordable and extremely durable.
  • Very impressive depth range of 5,000 ft.

7. Lucky Portable Wireless Fish Finder

LUCKY Portable Wireless Fish Finders for Shore Fishing for Beginners

The Lucky Portable Wireless Fish Finder is a quality device for an affordable price and is perfect for beginners. 

Its simple design helps locate the depth and position of fish, making it a great addition to any fishing arsenal. It comes with adjustable sensitivity levels which can be adjusted easily to get the best display of the underwater contour. 

The simple color display shows information like weeds, bottom contours, and fish depth and location. It also displays your current signal strength, battery strength, and a convenient water depth indicator.

This fish finder works best at depths between 3 ft and 130 ft. You can use this device on all types of water, including lakes, rivers, and ponds.

The optional fish alarm is highly sensitive and the transducer covers a wide 90-degree angle underneath the water. Unfortunately, there is no indication of individual fish size.

The wireless operating range is 400 ft and can be shut down when off the water.

This fish finder requires 4 AAA batteries plus a replaceable CR2032 lithium battery for the wireless sensor. While a rechargeable battery would be more convenient and economical, the on-screen battery indicator is a nice feature.

This device is great for anglers of all skill levels that prefer a small, handheld fish finder. It can easily fit in a kayak or even be used on a boat or from shore. However, use caution when taking this device on a kayak because the case is not waterproof.

Features I like​

  • On/off fish alarm.
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels.
  • Good sensitivity and high accuracy.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Cheap and durable, perfect for beginners.

8. NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

NorCross HawkEye F33P fish finders

A portable fish finder that fits in the palm, the NorCross HawkEye is an ideal device for fishing expeditions. 

Though the depth reading is limited to below 100 feet, it's extremely precise and accurate that is sure to help you come up with amazing fish finding stories. 

With 45-degree sonar beam angles that it features, it can be used by mounting, floating or in trolling conditions as well. 

One thing that I particularly love about it is that it uses algorithmic programming to display the results. This avoids false reading which makes it possible for kayakers to know what kind of fish is actually closing in. 

It has an amazing power backup lasting for about 20 hours with just four "AAA" batteries. I's small size and portability is what makes it a versatile device and I love carrying it all the time.

Comparatively, the price pays for its features and why should not it? The sonar sensors are amazing and can be used in the shoreline, bridge, kayaks or boats wherever required. Plus, it's quick reading feature gives instant depth readings, fish,weed and contour details ​

I highly recommend NorCross for someone who's looking to find a fish finder with great accuracy at a reasonable price. It's also extremely durable and the screen, in particular, is easy to see in direct sunlight. 

Features I like​

  • Accurate display, perfect for use in direct sunlight.
  • Light, portable and fits on palm. 
  • Good for both fresh and saltwater.
  • Good power backup that lasts for about 20 hours. 
  • Inexpensive and durable.

9. iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth - fish finders

​The iBobbler castable bluetooth fish finder is an inexpensive fish finder generally suitable for beginner kayakers.

It comes with a sonar strength that can detect the underwater terrain up to 135 ft. deep and can detect two fish sizes, big and small. 

One good benefit of having this model is that it has an amazing backup of about 8 hours when used continuously. This is particularly because it operates with bluetooth supporting contour mapping up to 100 ft. away. 

This is one of the products that I generally recommend for beginners because it comes well under $100 and has a lot of features that'll give you ideas about how kayak fishing can be done properly with the use of technology. ​

The GPS tags feature allows saving hotspots, waypoints, and routes while it also measures the temperature and weather. 

It does not function so well when trolling and the signals distort but in case your kayak is not chopping the water, it's perfect to use.

It's super light and weighs only 12 ounces while syncs with iOS and Android devices quickly that allow you to see high-quality pictures and share it on social media when required.

Features I like​

  • Cheap and inexpensive, perfect for beginner.
  • GPS enabled to mark hotspots.
  • Good power backup, lasts for about 7 hours when full-charged.
  • Light, easy to carry and castable. 
  • Operates really well in saltwater.

The Best Fish Finder for Kayak Adventures: Final Review

Selecting the best fish finder for kayak adventures among several different models, versions and prices available can be tough. However, the ones that I've listed above are some of the best high-quality products perfect for an amazing kayak fishing experience.

For me, the FishHunter Pro is the best fish finder for kayak adventures. It's particularly because it's the world's fastest wireless fish finder and has an amazing tri-frequency sonar that gives a great visualization of the underwater terrain. It's also affordable and extremely durable.

Whatever product you choose from the best fish finder for kayak adventures list, your kayak fishing experience is surely going to grow by folds and you surely won't have to return home disappointed.

Write us about your kayak fishing experience when using a fish finder in the comments below!

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