Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak Review

The Perception Tribe 11.5 sit-on-top kayak is one of the best kayaks anyone could find. 

The Tribe 11.5 kayak is designed to take on all types of water condition, from the open currents of the ocean to the calm waters that drift down a river.

It is very user-friendly for both beginners and advanced paddlers and the hull is wide providing the stability needed for all levels of paddlers and conditions.

The Tribe is a great kayak for longer journeys due to its length, but the width being only 30.25" allows the kayak to get into tighter situations and spaces.

Whether it is speed or agility, this Tribe kayak offers something for everyone.

Our Review of the Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak


Good control and stability.


Stackable, soft-touch handles.


High-quality polyethylene.


Best priced for its features.


  • The Perception Tribe 11.5 is responsive and easy to control.
  • There is plenty of storage space for tackle and tools that include a tank well with bungee to stow a cooler or tackle box.
  • The soft touch molded-in handles makes lifting this 52-pound kayak with easy.
  • What makes the Tribe so great is that it is stackable so that it is easy to store when not in use or when transporting several kayaks at once.


  • The Tribe is an all-around kayak for all skill levels and will fit almost all sizes of paddlers. The key word there is almost as it may be difficult to use for smaller paddlers due to size restrictions.
  • When it comes to storage space, there is plenty of areas to stow gear, however, the Tribe 11.5 doesn't offer any places for dry storage.

Features of Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak

The Tribe features a hatch CenterPoint marked and self-bailing scupper holes for easy drainage.

Plus it comes with a 6" deck plate with a cat bag and a skid plate for protection of unseen debris lurking below the water.

The Perception Tribe 11.5 kayak also comes with a mold-in drink holder that is close so that the paddler will always have something available nearby to fend off dehydration in hot climates or strenuous workouts.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak

Like most other kayaks, the Tribe is also constructed from high-quality polyethylene making it durable and tough.

The Tribe is also UV and abrasion- resistant as well as impact resistant so it will be able to take a lot of abuse without losing its shape or integrity.

Tracking and Stability​

The tracking is great making it perfect for the beginner kayaker or for someone who wants to load the kayak up with fishing gear for a day out on the water.

The Tribe is easy to handle and steer with minimal effort making it one of the best kayaks on the market today.

The multi-chine hull design provides the paddler with the stability they need while honing their skills as beginner paddlers.

For the more advanced paddler, they will be able to play and weld this kayak with no issues in small surf or down a low class rapid without tipping the kayak.​


The Tribe is lightweight compared to its size and only weighs 52 pounds and can accommodate up to 350 pounds.


As for comfort, the Tribe comes with a high-back kayak seat that will give the paddler the comfort they need to stay out longer and have fun.

But the seat also folds down for easy storage and allows the Tribe to stack easily on top or below other kayaks.


The Perception Tribe 11.5 kayak is one of the better kayaks on the market for beginner paddlers that offer molded-in foot braces that will suit almost any size paddler.

With the Tribe, it is easy to lose track of time while taking in the views that one can only experience from the seat of a kayak.

When it comes to water conditions the Tribe can handle all rather well and get out to the hard to reach areas like the shallow bay spots where fish lurk or to the horizon and back.

There is no place this kayak won't go and can easily be loaded back up and taken home.

Kayak Fishing Team

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