Perception Conduit 9.5 Kayak Review

Perception kayaks are designed especially for speed and stability and the Perception Conduit 9.5 is one that lives up to the expectations.

Paddlers of all sizes and levels will feel comfortable with the Conduit 9.5 as the kayak glides effortlessly through calm water conditions.

This kayak offers everything a beginner kayaker could want from a wide cockpit to a low center of gravity and tough exterior.

The Perception Conduit sit-in kayak is as comfortable and easy to handle as a larger and wider kayak yet it is nimble and agile giving experienced kayakers the thrill they want to push their limits further than ever before.

The Conduit kayak is only 9.6 feet long and allows for easy turning radius and maneuverability.

This is a perfect little kayak for a daily workout to relaxing on a lazy river and drifting downstream for bird watching.

Our Review of the Perception Conduit 9.5 Kayak


Two-piece construction.


Ample space for comfortability.


Super light weight and stable.


Medium priced.


  • The foam pads located within the hull keep the legs from rubbing up against the hard plastic.
  • The foot pegs allow a paddler to get a great stroke with every paddle and not wear out quickly due to poor paddle placement.
  • The Conduit is super lightweight coming in at only 39 pounds making it easy to transport to and from the water without assistance.
  • The cockpit isn't cramped giving ample amount of space for moving about and doesn't feel closed in or tight around the midsection.


  • Nor much additional space for storing extra gear, although it does offer some cargo space and deck rigging with bungee cords on deck.
  • Requires a deck bag or backpack for storage of other gear and accessories.

Features of Perception Conduit 9.5 Kayak

Considered as one of the best recreational kayaks, the Perception Conduit 9.5 boasts about the foot peg and bracing system.

It can easily fit any size paddler and give them the support needed to make confident broad strokes through the water.

The inserted foam thigh pads allow for the knees to rest comfortably on the inside of the hull without chaffing or bruising.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Perception Conduit 9.5 Kayak

Polyethylene is one of the most common materials used when making hard-shell kayaks, and the Conduit 9.5 is no different. 

The hull is constructed by rotational molding giving it a harder and more reliable shell that isn't easily damaged.

Tracking and Stability​

The Conduit has a flat bottom hull making it very stable for entry and exiting. The tracking is a bit hard to maintain in choppy waters, but for calm flat surfaces it does well and stays on course.

As for stability, the Conduit is well balanced. For beginner kayakers it can seem a bit wobbly at first, it takes an effort to tip.


For being a 9.6-foot kayak, the weight limit is a bit restricted. However, it can still handle up to 250 pounds.


Besides the foot pegs and thigh padding the adjustable seat is exceptionally comfortable for a sit-in kayak.

Normally sit-in kayaks only have a padded back area to protect the lower back, but the Conduit offers bottom padding as well making this seat comfortable for extended trips.

Not only does the seat come padded, but it can be adjusted to the paddler’s height and angled so that it can recline for ultimate relaxation.


Made sturdy and strong, the Conduit will take a beating. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver. The stability makes it perfect for beginner kayakers while the speed entices the most advanced paddlers.

While the Perception Conduit 9.5 is a small kayak, make no mistake it will be one wild but comfortable ride.

Kayak Fishing Team

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