Pelican Summit 100X Kayak Review

Pelican is known for having exceptional kayaks made from high-quality material that is comfortable as well as stable and the Pelican Summit 100X kayak is no different.

This 10-foot sit-in kayak cuts through calm rivers and lakes effortlessly. The Pelican Summit 100X accommodates fishing and camping with ample amount of storage space both in the hull and on the deck of the kayak.

As it is 10-feet long, it is undeniably stable allowing for beginner paddlers to gain the confidence they need to not only enjoy the sport but also to advance their paddling techniques.

The Summit 100X isn't just for beginners, though, experts will love how easy this kayak is to control, maneuver and play in.

Plus it is super lightweight for its length coming in at 37 pounds. Anyone can easily grab and go the Summit to hit the water for a few hours or a few days.

Our Review of the Pelican Summit 100x Kayak


Large space for good comfort.


Great for fishing, camping and touring.


Rugged and durable construction.


Well priced, a bang for buck.


  • Tons of space for a full range of motion as this kayak is 28" wide and 14" deep so the paddler doesn’t' feel confined or claustrophobic.
  • Great for fishing, camping and touring.
  • Rugged and durable so it won't crack, break, or dent while in transit or from unseen debris in the water.
  • Low center of gravity providing exceptional stability and protection from the elements.
  • The shallow "V"- chine that helps with tracking and maneuverability.
  • More surface contact with the water so it makes it harder to flip the kayak.
  • Adjustable foot pegs to accommodate all paddler sizes.
  • Great for beginners and expert paddlers.


  • Takes up more storage space due to its size.
  • Doesn't offer a spray skirt or cover for keeping water out of the kayak
  • The storage hatches are not water-proof, but they are water- resistant.

Features of Pelican Summit 100X Kayak

Due to the space available for the Summit 100X, it makes it an awesome fishing kayak.

The Summit 100X has rod holders for a fishing trip and it comes standard with a cockpit table for chopping bait or steadying a camera.

This kayak also features a bottle holder and paddle tie-downs adding more features to be considered by both beginners and professionals alike.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Pelican Summit 100X Kayak

The Summit 100X is constructed of multi-layer polyethylene material that is exclusive to Pelican.

The kayak will maintain its original form even after being abused and comes coated with UV-protection so that it will last longer than other kayaks on the market today.

Tracking and Stability​

Because it has a "V" chin hull tracking and stability are top-notch and makes it incredibly difficult to flip the kayak.

Also, the "V" chin hull makes it easy for entry and exiting the kayak.


Being 10-feet long the Pelican can hold up to 275 pounds which is more than enough to haul fishing or camping gear to the secluded spots.


100x Kayak by Pelican Summit

The Pelican comes with a very comfortable seat for extended periods out on the water.

It also has adjustable foot pegs so that the paddler can maintain proper leg circulation and won't cause cramping or other foot or leg issues.


Pelican kayaks are the best kayaks for all types of paddlers.

The material they use for constructing the kayaks makes it virtually impossible for them to break or get damaged which adds confidence when transporting them to the water or paddling in murky areas where visibility is low.

The Pelican Summit 100X kayak allows paddlers to get to the shallow waters where the fish like to hide making it one of the best fishing kayaks available.

Kayak Fishing Team

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