Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Review

Calling all female paddlers, the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 is just for you.

That's right, the people at Ocean Kayak have realized that your body sizes it’s the same as a man's and have come out the Venus 11 kayak.

Venus 11  was designed by women for women and it shows by the colors and the weight of the kayak. 

Our Review of the Ocean Kayak Venus 11


Great stability, perfect for calm water.


Extremely suitable for exercise.


High quality construction.




  • Low deck profile.
  • Center of Gravity perfectly balanced.
  • Perfect exercise machine.


  • Not suitable for rough water conditions.
  • Considered a girly kayak, not for men.

Features of Ocean Kayak Venus 11

There are a few features that make the Venus 11 kayak one of the best kayaks for females.

The kayak comes with a deck area mount for an MP3 player. The Venus offers a low deck profile making it easier to get in and out of the kayak.

The seat is specifically made for the female body and giving you a wider hip and thigh area and designed for better center of gravity for female paddlers.

Plus as we reviewed the Venus 11 kayak, we also found that it comes with a car-topping handle so you can transport the kayak on top of your vehicle without needing any help.

The not so "girlie" features include the 6-inch Cam-Lock hatch with a storage bucket for your gear. There is also the tank well with bungee cords to strap any loose gear down.

The Venus 11 kayak comes with a skid plate and a molded-in cup holder.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Ocean Kayak Venus 11 Review

The Venus 11 kayak is constructed from high-quality polyethylene making it durable and sturdy.

This kayak does well in moderate waves and slow moving rivers but is made for flat water.

Making this kayak a perfect exercise machine that allows you to enjoy nature while toning your body.

Tracking and Stability​

When it comes to stability, the width is 28.5-inches with the seat width being at 20-inches.

The fact that the kayak has a lower center of gravity makes it nearly impossible for the kayak to flip.

The Venus 11 tracks well and stays on course in calm waters, but if there is a strong current you may find yourself struggling a bit.


The Venus 11 kayak can hold up to 225-pounds. That is enough to handle a few extra items in the boat with you and still not reach the maximum weight limit.


For the female paddler, the comfort is amazing.

For the guys, not so much and they may feel a bit cramped in the seat area. But this kayak isn't made for a guy; it’s made for a girl.

The seat is super comfortable and adds just the right amount of support where the ladies need it the most.

Plus the MP3 player is an added bonus for those who want to use the kayak as their main source of exercise. You can keep the tunes going and get out on the water.

There aren't that many kayaks on the market these days that offers an MP3 molded-in area.

Sure there are some kayaks out there with molded-in deck space, but not specifically for an MP3 which makes the Ocean Kayak Venus 11 truly unique.


The Venus 11 kayak comes in at 10.8-feet making it a bit long, but easy to manage.

Because it was made for the female paddler, there are a lot of details that make this the go-to for women. The colors also bring an added famine touch as you can get the Venus is pink.

All in all, though, the kayak is dependable, strong, and offers just the right amount of capability to your adventures.

It isn't made for the wild and daring, but more for those looking for a kayak that they can take out and just have fun.

Kayak Fishing Team

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