Kayak Trailer That You Can Use To Haul Your Favorite Kayaks

Kayaks are fun, but not everyone lives near the water. Sometimes, you need to transport your boat. For that, you need a trailer. Kayak trailers are towing trailers specifically made to tow kayaks. They strap onto your vehicle and allow for easy transportation. However, while it is easy to assume all kayak trailers are the exact same, in reality, there are many kinds out there at a wide range of different price points. Though trailers are generally better than roof racks because they have a lot more room, that does not mean they are all the same.

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A Better, and Easier, Mode of Transportation

When looking at a kayak trailer there are many different aspects you need to keep in mind. Durability is important, as is general make quality. However, the list goes on and on. Every kayak trailer in this guide is special in its own way, and they each get your boats from a home or storage unit out to wherever you need them to be with ease.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Package with Two Kayak and Two...
  • Pre-assembled hubs for a clean and simple installation
  • 12-inch standard galvanized wheels with marine-grade sealed bearings
  • 65-inch coated steel rectangular load bars fit nearly all accessories

The very first kayak trailer to break down is the exceptional MicroSport trailer from Malone Auto Racks. This contraption not only shines in its great quality, but also in its fantastic design. That combination works to create a kayak trailer that is much more effective than most other options.

First, this trailer comes with a J-Pro2 J-style kayak saddles. Those are great because they lift the kayak into place, reducing the amount of physical labor needed for set up. In addition, the MicroSport has plenty of space. It is able to hold 4 kayaks on their side and comes with both safety straps and chains for maximum security. That amount of room, while primarily for kayaks, is also able to hold boats up to 19 feet long if you ever want an alternative. 

Going with that power, the kayak trailer can support up to 350 pounds. That furthers the ability to hold either a larger boat or various kayaks.

Though that is a lot of weight, the trailer is crafted from galvanized steel to ensure that it will continue to last for years without breaking down or succumbing to wear and tear.

Another bonus is that, unlike many other kayak trailers, the MicroSport can easily travel up to speeds of 70 mph. That gives it a lot of freeway use and helps you get to your destination much faster.

It is also more compact than other similar trailers, has a pre-wired light system, and is incredibly easy to assemble.

Those premium features do command a premium price, but the tag is more than worth what this model offers. If you are worried about paying more, know that the MicroSport does come with a 5-year warranty to protect your investment should anything go wrong.

Malone XtraLight 4 Kayak Stacker Trailer Package
  • Marine grade galvanized steel frame, Easy to assemble T-Box design, leaf spring suspension
  • Galvanized heavy-duty axle, 8-inch diameter high speed wheels, factory-sealed 5-lug hubs
  • 58-inch coated steel load bars, 1 set of padded carriers with 4 sets of stacker foam blocks, 2 12-foot load straps

Right behind the MicroSport is the Malone Xtralight Trailer Package. The above paragraph shows how dependable the company is when it comes to kayak trailers, and the Xtralight is another great example of their work.

This device, as it may be easy to tell, is similar to the MicroSport in several ways. However, it has a few key differences, including the fact that it is much more lightweight and comes with no extra carriers.

Rather than working to carry a whole slew of kayaks or a large boat out to the water, this smaller trailer is for smaller-sized loads. It works great for recreational kayaks, and it great for moving fishing kayaks as well.

Another bonus of a smaller trailer is that it costs less than other options. That allows you to get great quality without straining your budget. Even if you are not on a budget, being able to save some extra cash is always welcome.

Some people may worry that the lower price tag and lighter design means that the Xtralight cannot stand up in terms of make or function, but that could not be further from the truth.

This kayak trailer comes with an incredibly strong construction. It is quite durable, built with extra-thick padding and a 2-piece reinforced extended tongue, and has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds.

It is also quite easy to assemble. This is a factor that is often overlooked when searching for a kayak trailer, but it can be important. Even the best trailer in the world is useless if you can’t set it up. Easy assembly saves both time and headaches down the line.

As with the MicroSport, this model also comes with a 5-year warranty.

It can be hard to pin the best kayak trailers into one category because they often have so much good stuff. That is exactly the case with the Right-On Multi-Sport Kayak Trailer, which excels every single step of the way. Not only it is affordable, but it is versatile and durable as well.

Unlike many of the other trailers on this list, the Right-On comes with a second tier that enables you to stack your kayaks rather than lay them side by side. While it easily fits four boats, you can get six on the trailer with the proper rigging.

That aspect makes this model great for people who need to move a lot of kayaks at once, especially because it is so simple to use that one person can load it.

In that way, you get the best of both worlds. You get the space for all of your kayaks but with none of the hassle that commonly comes from boat trailers. A few minutes and you’re all set.

While there are other 2-tier trailers out on the market, very few are as light as this model. That reduced weight makes the Right-On easier to pull and keeps wear off of your truck or car. There are also special springs in the trailer that work to absorb vibrations.

Kayak trailers are great, but they do take a beating out on the road. Extra protection is always welcome for that reason, and on that front this trailer has you covered.

The final bonus of this trailer is its versatility. Kayak trailers are of course best suited for kayaks. However, more functions never hurt anyone.

This model as 64-inch wide crossboards that allow you to place many different items on them, including bikes, surfboards, and fishing kayaks. A perfect trailer for all different day trips.

Portage Pal T-2000 Canoe/Kayak Trailer
  • Galvanized and powder coated steel construction, galvanized adjustable tongue, white powder coated b
  • Patent pending coil spring suspension for a very soft ride, marine carpeted wooden bunks, white plas
  • Can also be used to transport many other kinds of watercraft, Optional spare tire and carrier (sold

Up next is the Portage Pal T-2000. What makes this special is that it is one of simplest and easiest to use high quality kayak trailers on the market. The Pal T-2000 is able to hold up to 3 kayaks (or canoes if you want to go that route), providing you with plenty of space for your boats. It is also incredibly easy to load and unload, which is perhaps one of the most important factors for any simple trailer.

In that same vein, this kayak trailer is also incredibly easy to put together. By making the set up and use both simple, Portage ensures that anyone can use their product with little worry. It is also incredibly lightweight, which makes it easy to move around, set up, and take off your car.

Everything about this trailer is geared towards ensuring anyone can use it.
This trailer offers a range of different lengths (anywhere from 8 to 22 feet long) which increases its versatility.

It is also crafted from galvanized metal. That is important because it means, despite the lightweight and easy construction, the kayak trailer is extremely durable and has enough power to be able to take a lot of bumps without breaking down after a few uses.

Though each trailer on this list brings something different to the table, if you’re looking for a simpler option that still has high-end dependability, this is definitely the way to go. 

Ruff-Sport Trailer - Galvanized Finish for Kayak, Bicycle, and SUP
  • Galvanized steel frame with large 4.80 x 12" Wheels
  • Carry fishing kayaks, boards, SUP's, bicycles, and cargo boxes
  • Crossbars (64" wide) supports all roof rack accessories from companies like Yakama and Thule

Breaking away from the other options, the Ruff-Sport Kayak Trailer does not appear to be a kayak trailer at first glance. That is because it does not come with any kayak carrier or mounting cradles. Rather, to use this device you have to get a bit more creative.

Ruff-Sport provides you with a lightweight aluminum trailer that, rather than being niche for one specific purpose, is able to haul just about anything you would ever need to haul.

That feature greatly increases the item’s functions and, while it is excellent for kayaks, allows it to hold a range of different items as well.

Some people may not like the open-endedness of this trailer, but it is one of the best options for people who enjoy an extra bit of versatility or who want more control.

All you need to take advantage of this one is some ratchet traps and your imagination.

That might sound like extra work, but a little elbow grease is a great tradeoff for a kayak trailer that’s able to haul all of your outdoor items (including camping gear).

Though this doesn’t have the extra space for more than two kayaks, it’s definitely one of the options out there for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Great for those who like options as well.

We end our list with an incredibly well-known brand in Yakima. The company has been making great kayak-related products for years, and their Rack and Roll Trailer is one example of that quality. 

This device measures a strong 78 inches across, giving you ample space for your kayaks, and it is also able to be used with all different Yakima carriers.
That increases the general versatility and makes it so that you can use any carrier you want with the trailer. 

Another handy feature of this model is that you are able to lock both the tongue and wheels. Security is not something that everyone thinks about when purchasing a kayak trailer, but it is important when going to busy or crowded areas.

The ability to lock different parts of the Rack and Roll trailer ensures that nobody will be able to mess with or take it while you’re out enjoying the water.
As with so many other great options, this trailer is made from lightweight aluminum to cut back on extra drag and reduce stress on your vehicle. This also comes with shock absorbers that provide greater stability and gear protection.

If you want, you can also get optional heavy-duty shocks that enable the trailer to carry up to 350 pounds. That is a strong option to go with for people who have extra boats or items they need to take out to the water.

Beyond that, this trailer is a great buy because of how easy it is to store. The Rack and Roll quickly and efficiently clicks into a compact upright position thanks to the removable wheels and tongue.

There are also small wheels at the back of the trailer so you can move it around while it’s stored upright, and a simple carrying handle turns it into a handcart.

All of that, combined with the LED lights that will last for years without going out, creates an exceptional machine.

Comparison Table

Bringing Your Boats to the Water

When it comes to transporting your kayaks, you have options. 

Some trailers are heavy duty and made for multiple boats, while some are lightweight and easily move one or two. There are also many factors to consider beyond that.

Picking just one model is not an easy process, and you need to do your research to make sure you get a trailer that is worth your while. 

However, rather than spending time combing through the internet, choose from the above six options. They are the best out there, and will give you great results for years to come.

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