17 Great Destinations for Kayak Fishing

The glory of kayak fishing need not be explained to the seasoned expert. The close proximity to water, the pure fresh air and the tug of the line, not to mention the pride that comes from snaring a great catch is an experience that is hard to beat. A day spent out on a boat, taking in the atmosphere, spotting and luring a fish is one of the best ways to spend free time, high days and holidays.

Of course, part of this joy is finding the right destination. The US and the UK boast some of the most breath taking and captivating scenery, not to mention the beautiful waters for fishing.

There’s something for everyone in either country and it doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned expert, or someone who is trying to learn from scratch and discover all they can about their new hobby.

All the places here offer things that are a little bit different, whether it is outstanding scenery, or a variety of fish to choose from. One thing is for sure, you’ll be completely spoiled for choice.

We’ve put together a list of 17 great destinations for kayak fishing, no matter whether it’s the US or the UK. Let’s reel in some information for you, so if you’re perching comfortably, lets begin…

Top US Destinations for Kayak Fishing

  • 01 Alaska: Ship Creek

    Alaska’s most high-profile fishery, this super exciting spot is chock full of King salmon. As it is also an industrial shore, anglers carry Chinook salmon there too. This is something that the locals have seen on a daily basis for hundreds of years. A must visit for any salmon fishers.

  • 02 Hawaii: Kona Coast

    Hawaii has so much to offer the tourist and kayak fishing is something that should be at the top of your list if you’re a pro.

    It’s thought to be a kayak angler’s dream as there is blue water very close to the coast.

    Big fish tend to lurk here, if you like tuna or grey snapper. However, it’s also possible to lure blue marlin.

  • 03 Maryland: Deer Creek Conservation Area

    Maryland boasts one of the most serene spots for kayak fishing within the Deer Creek Conservation Area. This exceptional place is home to:

    1. Rainbow Trout
    2. Brown Trout
    3. Largemouth Bass
    4. Crappie
    5. Perch

    It is a twenty five hectare reservoir, that winds through the forested hillsides of Deer Creek River valley north of the County Road. It’s a tranquil and calm place to visit, from the quiet inlets, to the innocent blue hue of the water. There are also no motorized boats allowed, which is heaven for many anglers.

  • 04 Florida: Timucuan National Preserve

    Timucuan National Preserve is something of a well-kept secret, but it’s one of the most esteemed spots to investigate for kayak fishers.

    It’s a historic preserve and covers forty six thousand acres. These were created to protect the salt marshes, and estuaries of Jacksonville. Visit here to fish for redfish, trout, and flounder.

  • 05 Pennsylvania: Marsh Creek Lake

    Situated a half hour from Philadelphia, Marsh Creek Lake has the best largemouth fishing in Pennsylvania.

    State authorities have tagged it as the ‘Big Bass Lake’. It is home to thriving populations of warm water fish species such as trophy tiger Muskie, catfish, walleye, and a variety of panfish.

  • 06 Colorado: Gross Reservoir

    This reservoir is open to the public. It covers four hundred and forty acres and is nestled in the mountains of South Boulder Creek. Anglers here definitely love to show their knowledge of kayak fishing. The snow covered peaks of the Continental Divide and pine slopes are emphasized by a range of huge granite outcroppings.

    Beware of the thunderstorms in this area, which are frequent and heavy, but it is still another perfect getaway for kayak anglers.

  • 07 New York: Onondaga Lake

    Onondaga Lake is four and a half miles long and one mile wide. The lake is perfect for fishing and boating as it has a surprising number of fish species. You won’t regret deciding to visit here and definitely won’t be bored.

    Fishing during summer can produce decent catches of largemouth and smallmouth bass. To snare carp and panfish, take good baits such as corn, dough balls, and worms.

  • 08 Colorado: Ptarmigan Lake

    Ptarmigan is a spectacular high mountain lake surrounded by towering peaks. Your chances of viewing some incredible scenery here are sky high, and so are the opportunities to snare a fantastic bite or two. Particularly if you’re into fishing for trout.

  • 09 Atlanta: Chattahoochee River

    The river Chattahoochee gets its name from the Creek Indian word, ‘river of painted rocks’. It rises high in Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. A fascinating fact that surrounds this area is that it supplies around seventy percent of Atlanta’s drinking water.

    This is noted as being one of the best trout fisheries in the state of Georgia. You can fish through the deep channels, or deep pockets. Hook some trophy trout, like a champ!

  • 10 Florida: Pompano Beach

    This is the home of the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament. Pompano Beach is very close to an inlet. This provides easy access to the wrecks and reefs that are located close by.

    You can use jigging as a tactic here, this will lure species such as:

    1. Kingfish
    2. Blackfin tuna
    3. Mahi-mahi
    4. Wahoo
    5. Cobia
    6. Sailfish
  • 11 California: South Fork Cottonwood Creek

    This is a major stream in North California, and it is well-suited to fishing from a float tube, canoe or kayak.

    It has a well-stocked population of California Golden trout and is also a haven for fly fishermen.

  • 12 Arizona: Verde River

    By area, Arizona is the sixth largest state. It has incredibly hot summers and is well known for its large, deep, canyons. Its Native American Reservations are a real treat for the senses, and are as alluring as they are captivating.

    The Verde River is a significant one for Arizona. It has a wide range of activity and fishing is one of the most popular. However, it is worth noting that the wild river supports endangered and special status fish species.

    Non native fish use this river as do plenty of native ones. Fish here for:

    1. Razorback sucker
    2. Colorado pikeminnow
    3. Colorado pikeminnow
    4. Sonora sucker
    5. Desert sucker
    6. Longfin dace

Top UK Destinations for Kayak Fishing

  • 13 Cumbria, The English Lake District: Derwent Water

    Derwent Water is considered one of the top UK freshwater kayak fishing locations. Anglers coming here will want to target pike, which are plentiful. It’s not uncommon to catch fish that weigh over twenty pounds.

    Trout are also present here in early June as are roach and perch.

    In Summer, the shallower bays command your attention, whereas in winter the fish move to the main body of the lake to be taken by deadbait. Kayak fishing, therefore, is a great idea here. Kayakers will find there is good access along the east shore, though during summer months it can become a tourist trap.

  • 14 Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland: Loch Ke

    Loch Ken is a lowland loch in Galloway. Fish here for:

    1. Roach
    2. Perch
    3. Bream
    4. Trout
    5. Pike

    Loch Ken is becoming an increasingly popular site and catches have increased year on year for some decades now.

    You can have two lines maximum in the water at any one time. Fishing is only allowed by permit and all fish, unless being consumed, must be returned to the water in a healthy state.

    Once a year, there is a Grand Slam freshwater kayak fishing competition, held in October. Perfect for any experts to indulge their passion and compete with others.

  • 15 South Wales: Llangorse Lake

    Situated in the popular and beautiful Brecon Beacons in South Wales, Llangorse Lake is popular with all water sports lovers, including wake boarding, kite surfing and sailing.

    A popular destination by anglers for centuries. It is a prime spot fishing for:

    1. Roach
    2. Perch
    3. Tench
    4. Bream
    5. Eels

    Fishing here must be conducted from boats and it does require a permit. There is no bank fishing here as the shores contain many SSSI’s and conservation areas. You can hire kayaks and fishing boats, however.

  • 16 East Midlands: Rutland Reservoir

    The trout in Rutland water grow up to an astonishing fifteen pounds in weight. For this reason, it is thought to be one of the best freshwater kayak fishing spots in the UK.

    Pike also form a huge part of the fishing culture here, and they grow as big as forty pounds. This is another spot that holds regular fishing competitions that attract anglers from all over the world.

    You’ll need a fishing permit to use these waters and experienced fishermen will find so much to recommend this beautiful destination in the heart of England.

  • 17 Yorkshire: River Ouse

    In Yorkshire’s River Ouse, you’ll be able to fish for:

    1. Perch
    2. Trout
    3. Pike
    4. Barbel
    5. Roach
    6. Chub
    7. Zander

    It’s a popular and plentiful place to fish from and is set amongst the scenic and picturesque Yorkshire Dales.

    Each area tends to price its fishing spots differently, so if you are planning to travel here and kayak fish, plan ahead. It’s a useful and attractive spot for beginners, so worth it if you’re completely new to the hobby and want to learn.

    Where will your next freshwater kayak fishing destination be? If you’ve got any ideas, or would like to recommend some of your own, let us know.