Intex Challenger K1 Kayak Review

Who said kayaks have to be solid plastic to be fun obviously never tried out the Intex Challenger K1 kayak.

The K1 is an inflatable kayak that makes storage a breeze. You don't have to worry about where you are going to store this kayak.

Simply deflate the kayak and roll or fold it back up into a neat compact space.

When you are ready for some fun, pull it out, add some air and you are good to go.

With inflatable kayaks like the Intex Challenger K1, transporting it to the water is just as easy.

The only thing you really need to worry about is making sure you get all the water out before you store it away.

If you use a towel to wipe down the kayak after you are done, you won't have an issue with mold growing during the winter time when the kayak isn't being used.​

Our Review of the Intex Challenger K1 Kayak


Ample storage for gear.


Adjustable foot braces. 


High density polyethylene.


Perfectly priced for its features.


  • Easy storage and transportation.
  • Although it doesn't hold up so well in rough water conditions, for a calm lake or quiet drift down the river it is perfect.
  • The Intex Challenger K1 is super lightweight coming in at only 27.2 pounds.
  • At this weight, anyone can lift it, maneuver it and use it without any issues.
  • Super stable for beginners and seasoned pro paddlers.
  • The I-Beam floors keep the boat from rocking around too much and help with entering and exiting the kayak.
  • Comes with everything you need from the paddle to the pump, you can just get out and go. 


  • The fact that it is inflatable is also a bad thing especially for those that want to use it to fish. Being made of plastic can pose some issues with hooks.

Features of Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

One thing that really shines with the K1 is the storage space. There is more than enough room for you to load up some gear for camping.

The kayak offers a cargo net area in the front and a place to store your cooler behind the seat.

The Intex Challenger K1 kayak is perfect for family outings and is a great substitute for a traditional hard shell kayak.

Let's discuss the features in details.​


Intex Challenger K1 Kayak Review

When it comes to the durability of the K1 it is constructed from vinyl PVC. The vinyl is tough and can take a licking, but it doesn't mean it is leak proof.

There is a patch kit that is included with the K1 that can help if the occasion calls for it.

Both the floor board and the seat are inflatable and make it easy to adjust the comfort level.

When fully inflated the K1 is 108-inches in length and 30-inches wide.

Tracking and Stability​

The K1 is very stable and tracks well which makes it one of the best kayaks available today. Because it is recommended for use in calm waters you will have no issues turning or maneuvering around.

It is also important for you to know that because this is an inflatable kayak, water will get into the raft.

Most of this water is from entering or exiting, but if you happen to use it in strong water conditions like ocean waves you run the chance of becoming water logged and the maneuverability and tracking decrease due to the extra weight.


As for the weight, the K1 can hold up to 220 pounds. That is not a lot when you add your weight into the equation, but it is enough to add a few items like a cooler or a tent for camping.


The seat is adjustable, the flooring is adjustable and there is more than enough room for your feet you can say the comfort level is about a 7.

With the K1 kayak you won't feel cramped, nor will you feel like you are about to flip. For an inflatable kayak that won't break the bank, you should consider giving the K1 a go.


There are a lot of kayaks out on the market today. Each one is designed for a specific paddler in mind. The Intex Challenger K1 kayak is no different.

This kayak was designed to be convenient and affordable. It is a well-rounded kayak for beginners and expert, those looking to just have fun with no purpose in mind.

While you can't go surfing with the K1, you can get out on the water and enjoy a lazy day.

You don't need to hassle with strapping the kayak to the roof rack of your car, or deal with the kayak rack that hard kayaks require for transportation.

The K1 can be easily carried or dragged to the water by anyone and it will provide you with hours of entertainment and half the cost of a hard-shell kayak.

Kayak Fishing Team

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