Fishing Videos: Websites to Watch Kayak Fishing

The internet is full of content. So much so that it is quite easy to get overwhelmed.

In addition, it can also be extremely difficult to find one specific topic. That goes double when looking for something as specific as kayak fishing videos.

Every kayak angler knows that watching videos about the sport are both fun and relaxing. However, they can be tricky to find. That then raises the question, where do you go to find a good collection?

Though it may be surprising to some, there are quite a few great places to find kayak fishing videos out on the internet, and all of them are just one click away.

Rating the Top Fishing Video Sites

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It is not easy to find great fishing videos. To separate the good from the bad, the following websites were reviewed in explicit detail and broken down according to specific criteria.

They each make the cut as the best based on their content, searchability, number of relevant videos, and production value.

There are many fishing websites on the internet, but only a few fit all of those categories.

4 Best Websites to Watch Kayak Fishing Videos

Here are the best websites you should check out for the greatest kayak fishing videos.



To begin this discussion, we need to start with the biggest and the best. Youtube may not be the first thing you jump to when it comes to fishing videos, but the website has just about everything under the sun.

In fact, as we’ll see later on, many of the popular videos from popular sites are hosted through Youtube. That alone tells you how much kayaking related content is on it. It may well have the largest collection of fishing videos (kayaking or otherwise) on the entire internet.

That huge collection is the reason Youtube kicks off this list. This may not be a specialized site for fishing videos (unlike the other entries on here) but that hardly matters. When you’re looking for good kayaking content, nothing comes close to what Youtube can offer.

Another huge bonus to this site is that it is completely free and easily accessible. Some sites, while great, may include a paid subscription or can be a bit confusing to navigate.

With Youtube, you only get videos. Yes, there are a lot, but typing “kayak fishing” or something along those lines into the search bar should provide you with a good start towards finding what you want.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Not all fishing videos are the same. That may be an obvious statement (and one that is not as important moving down the list) but it is key when it comes to properly evaluating and exploring Youtube.

Though many of the best kayak fishing websites provide videos that fit one niche or topic, with Youtube, you have the ability to get everything you could ever want.

You can watch videos about kayak fishing in Australia or a series specifically on angling in calm Midwestern lakes. There are so many choices and so many different options that it truly does not matter where you live or what you’re in the mood for, there will be something to watch. Yes, it can all seem like a bit much at first, but the power of choice and number of options is never larger than when you’re on Youtube.

With just one search bar, the possibilities are truly endless.


Hooked on Wild Waters


Where Youtube is a wide site built for people to search out whatever they want, the number two website for fishing videos on our list, Hooked on Wild Waters, is much more specialized.

At first glance, this site seems like your standard, catch-all kayak fishing site. You’ve got a clean, simple home page and a slew of different options across the top that range from shop to podcast to blog.

However, to fit in with this list, you will also notice a “watch” section that holds videos.

Hooked on Wild Waters is a site specifically dedicated to showing off kayak fishing in wild waters.

Hosted by Drew Gregory, a man who relentlessly pursues kayaking fishing spots all around the world, the show is a series of episodes about kayak fishing in a range of interesting or unique places.

That alone makes it great to watch because it is both fun and extremely informative. 

This website, rather than being a collection of different fishing videos, is a set show about kayak fishing.

If you want to sit back and binge high-quality content, there is perhaps no better way to do it than through Hooked on Wild Waters.

Hooked on Videos

Finding fishing videos on the internet is easy to do but getting high-quality ones specifically about kayaking is a bit harder. Sure, you might be able to locate one video here or there, but a full show is a completely different beast.

Hooked on Wild Waters is a site that provides you with a lot of videos that you can watch back to back. All of the episodes (or mini videos) sit around 16 to 18 minutes for a regular TV show.

Episodes are updated regularly (season 4 just finished) and they can be enjoyed in different ways. You can either start back at season 1 or you can jump right into whatever seems the most interesting.

Yes, all of the videos are hosted through Youtube (the trend mentioned earlier on) but Gregory has all of the latest episodes from season four posed directly onto the Hooked on Wild Water’s website for your convenience.

If you want the earlier episodes (or even the “lost” ones), you can use Youtube as covered in the above section. There you will find seasons 1 through 3.

However, for the most recent batch the larger player on the website, mixed with the rather charming blue sides, makes for a relaxing time.

It is also worth mentioning that, while the fishing videos are the main pull of both the site and this list, the other parts of Hooked on Wild Waters, including the blog and podcast, are worth checking out as well.


Kayak Angler Magazine

Kayak Angler Magazine

Every entry in this list comes with its own niche. Youtube is for people who want a ton of content, Hooked on Wild Waters presents its videos in a television show-like format, and Kayak Angler Magazine (hosted on Rapid Media) is a bit more wide-spread.

Many people may immediately be put off by the word “magazine” because that is not a word typically associated with videos.

However, as with all sites in today’s technological age, Kayak Angler has many videos to go along with their usual written content. In fact, the range of video content is truly incredible.

When you go to the website, you will see various sections that you can click on. You have the option to explore as much as you want, but the key for this list is, of course, the “video” section.

Heading there will not just give you a few videos from around the internet, it will provide you with anything you could ever want to see specifically related to kayak fishing.

You might only expect a few different videos here and there from an online magazine, but that could not be further from what Kayak Angler offers.

There are a staggering 150 pages of videos here (including some episodes of Hooked on Wild Waters) and each of those pages has eight videos per page. Doing the math on that, you see why this makes our list for fishing video websites and why it is so impressive.

Videos of Every Style

It is best to think of Kayak Angler Magazine’s database as a sort-of Youtube that is only for fishing videos.

That is to say, it offers tons of great content to filter and search through, but instead of getting results or content not related to fishing, you only get kayak videos.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of different niches, providing you with a lot of versatility when it comes to deciding what to watch.

Not every video on the site is directly related to fishing, but most of them hit that mark. You can find kayak fishing in the jungle, river fishing, fishing in icy waters, and even angling in local or hometown spots.

There are a lot of updates on this site, and they all bring something different to keep you engaged.

What makes this hit our list is that, beyond the functionality of being a kayak magazine, Kayak Angler is simply a lot of great fishing videos concentrated in one area. Who could ask for more than that?


Next Level Fishing

Next Fishing Level

The final entry onto our list, as with all of the others, brings you high-quality kayaking fishing content in a straightforward style. is a kayak angler website that blends a lot of the aspects covered in the above sections to great effect.

At first glance, it appears a lot like Hooked on Wild Waters. Not only is it also a show, but you have a clean main page, various sections (including news, blog, and FAQ) as well as with a row at the top that takes you to different parts of the site.

In that way, Next Level Fishing does not break any new barriers. However, it still provides a lot of high-quality fishing video content.

The show first came about when season 1 aired in 2014 and continued on from there. It popped up on a few different channels and can now be viewed on the internet.

The production company hosts the channels on Youtube, but connects them through the main site.

To see episodes, you simply follow the link on the site to the channel and watch from there.

Everything is organized in chronological order so you’ll know where to begin, and there are a few different ways you can enjoy the fishing videos.

Not only do you have the main episodes, but there are best-of videos and behind the scenes content as well.

New Kid on the Block

Next Level Fishing is a relatively recent project on several fronts. The show only dates back to 2014, which is when their Youtube starting putting up videos.

As a result, you aren’t going to get access to a huge influx of backlogged videos like you will with something like Kayak Angler Magazine. However, the content is so strong and entertaining that it shouldn’t matter.

You have two seasons to take in (both of which are extremely well done) and you get the extra fishing videos to view to your heart’s content.

While the site technically is run through Youtube (a necessary evil of high-quality footage) it does a great job of organizing all of the videos for you in one place.

A Guide to Finding the Best Sites


It may seem easy to find a good fishing video site. You just search for a video and go from there. However, that approach often leads to disappointing results.

You don’t just want a collection of fishing videos, you also want a high-quality site that uploads quite frequently (or that has a gigantic preexisting collection), takes care with what they have, and focuses on a range of content.

Even if a site has a few good qualities, it can easily miss out on other important ones. When searching, always be sure to look for a mix of great features rather than one or two.

Great Fishing Videos, All in One Place

The internet is a fantastic place to find fishing videos and incredible fishing content but searching and locating specific sites is no easy task.

While there are many, many more than the four listed in this guide, the above options will provide you with enough fishing videos to last quite a while. They give you a great spread as well.

If you want to take in a bunch of unrelated fishing videos, do it. But if you want to see a set show on kayak fishing, you can do that too. The choices are truly endless.

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