Fish Bags That You Can Bring On Your Next Fishing Adventure

Fishing trips are extremely fun events, and that goes double when casting your line from a kayak. Such fishing is exciting and can lead to some awesome adventures.

However, in order to fish for bigger species, you need a place to store your catch. While that’s easy to do when casting from a boat, it gets a bit trickier from the confines of a kayak.

For that, you need a fish bag.

Better, More Efficient Fish Storage

fish bags

There are many ways to store a fresh catch but, on a kayak, nothing works more efficiently than a bag. Not only are they much more versatile than coolers, adjusting in both size and shape for what you need, but they are much easier to transport as well.

Rather than worrying about how you’re going to fit a bag into your vessel, you simply mold it to the space you have available. Kayak fishing is great, but only if you can keep your catch once it’s on the boat.

The following five bags all help towards that end and ensure your fish stays fresh from the moment you reel it in all the way back to your house or campfire.

Surf To Summit Insulated Fish Bag, Fish Cooler Bag for Kayak Or Boat,...
  • 24" lengths, tapers from 21” to 8” in width
  • 23" Capacity: 2,800 cubic inches
  • Extra wide mouth for easy access

All fish bags are subject to wear and tear of one kind of another. Not only do they take a beating while on your kayak, but many fish species have jaws, spines, and fins that can tear the bag’s interior.

For those reasons, if you go out after heavier or dangerous fish, it is a good idea to get a fish bag that can handle them.

To that end, look no further than the Native Watercraft Large Fish Bag.

This model is incredibly durable and specifically crafted to make sure it holds up against particularly sharp teeth or fins. The fish bag is lined with a thermally reflective, tear-resistant fabric that has a 400-denier, urethane-coated nylon.

That special material ensures it’s a worthwhile purchase that will stay with you for many, many trips out on the water. It also enables you to catch whatever you want without worrying about if you’ll be able to safely transport it.

The extra peace of mind is incredibly important, but it is not the only reason to look at the Native Watercraft large fish bag.

This item also comes with a plethora of great upgrades you would expect from any high-quality device.

The interior fabric is great, but the bag also has carry handles on the sides (perfect for lugging around big fish), as well as a removable shoulder strap. There is even a bungee on top so that you can attach gear if you so wish.

In addition, the bag’s distinct triangular shape means it can easily fit into just about every single kayak tank and the special nylon D-rings on the bottom mean it can be lashed directly onto any kayak deck.

Both of those are wonderful ease-of-use features that you won’t find in many fish bags.

This bag’s inherent durability, mixed with its ample features and amazing shape, make it one of the best options for any kayak angler.

Scuba Choice Spearfishing 5mm Stainless Steel Wire Handle Blue Fish...
  • Diameter: 12" wide when opened
  • 5mm stainless steel wire handle
  • 24" x 17"

Don’t let the name fool you, the Scuba Spear mesh bag from Scuba Choice is an incredible option for any kayak fishing trip.

Though it seems that this is only for spear fishing, the lightweight item is one of the most versatile bags you’ll ever use.

It measures 24 by 17 by 1 inches and can open up to a foot wide. Those dimensions are important because they show the bag can easily fit onto any kayak (especially before it holds a fish) and the wide opening allows you to go after any species, regardless of size or shape.

Of course, the biggest draw of choosing this fish bag is that it is not as bulky or hard to handle as other options. The lightweight material ensures that you won’t have to constantly fret trying to get fish in like you would with larger coolers or stiffer bags.

However, do not think that the light weight means the bag is weak or tears easily. As covered in the above section, it is important to get a bag that can handle the ins and outs of daily fishing.

The Scuba Spear mesh fish bag fits in that category because it comes with a heavy-duty blue mesh construction that is reinforced with a strong 5mm stainless steel handle and high-quality stitching to prevent any rips or tears.

Not only that, but the fish bag has a special net closing clip attached to the handle.

That relatively simple feature makes the model easy to both open and close while you’re out on the water. While such a feature may not seem like a big deal, it is important because it further encapsulates how simple this bag is to use.

Many fish bags, while effective, can be tricky to get the hang of. The Scuba Spear mesh bag overcomes those issues with a simple design that is perfect for both amateur anglers and experts alike.

The bag is easily accessible, and the entire design is incredibly easy for anyone to understand no matter their experience.

This is a perfect lightweight option for the anglers who want a bit more control without the hassle of a more complicated product.

IceMule Coolers Pro Catch Coolers, Grey, Small/22-Inch
  • The simplest and most effective kayak fishing catch bag cooler ever
  • Keeps ice intact & catch fresh for 24+ hours
  • Multiple tie-down clips and bungee webbing for gear/paddle

Third on our list is the incredible IceMule Pro Catch Cooler. This fish bag comes from a relatively new company that, despite their infancy, makes an incredible array of sturdy and reliable products.

Though IceMule makes many different fish bags, ranging from basic sacks to more advanced backpack-like options, the Pro Catch is specifically made for kayaks.

As with any good fish bag, the Pro Catch is incredibly strong. It gets that strength from a special heavy-duty 1000 denier exterior fabric that holds up to just about anything you throw at it.

Not only does it naturally resist heat, but it reflects the sun and salt as well. That makes this bag perfect for both salt and freshwater anglers who go out at all different times of the year.

This bag also has extra-thick interior insulation that keeps anything inside it cold for up to 24 hours. Though you typically won’t need that much time, it does mean you never have to worry about racing back to preserve your catch.

In addition, it also ensures that you can fish and then camp without constantly looking at your clock.

Though that is not quite the same amount of cold retention you’d get in some other high-performance coolers, it is more than enough for most day or overnight excursions. Cutting down on some of that retention also makes the fish bag much more lightweight, which is a great bonus.

As with other models, this fish bag uses a dry bag style roll top closure to further keep your catch fresh. That feature creates an air-tight seal to maximize cold retention, and it doesn’t stop there.

This model also comes with two extra buckle straps to help you secure it when the bag is completely full. Keeping your catch fresh and cold is incredibly important, and that is what this model is all about.

The Pro Catch comes in three distinct sizes of 22, 32, and 42 inches. Though the 22 is perfect for smaller fishing, if you’re going after larger species the 32 and 42 are both fantastic.

Precision-Pak Tournament Kayak Fishing Catch Cooler for Offshore...
  • This insulated fish storage system is designed exclusively for tournament and offshore angler, especially...
  • Made of 420D/PU ripstop polyester, the bag is fully padded with closed-cell foam and lined with reflective thermal...
  • There is a long center Velcro opening for quick access to the interior form on top. a large Velcro secured lid on the...

Number four on this best fish bag list is the Roll Catch Cooler from Seattle Sports. While not quite as flashy as some other models, this item has an incredibly dependable design that makes it perfect for kayak anglers.

Many fish bags only give you a single option for storage. In contrast, the Roll Catch Cooler gives you two. You can either slot the deck-top design into the bow of your kayak (which is its main function) or you can simply secure it behind your seat.

Those two options mean the bag (and the catch inside) will be able to fit onto any kayak out there. This is a great bonus for people worried about getting a bag they won’t be able to use on their craft.

The model also has a special exterior made of a reflective material that bounces back the sun to reduce heat absorption on the inside and keep the interior cold during your travels. As a result, this bag is perfect for any trips during the warmer months of the year.

Another interior feature for the Roll Catch is the zippered insulation chamber. Not only does that ensure your fish stays nice and cold, but it can also be removed for an easy clean up once you’ve taken your catch out.

Being able to easily wash the bag and then return it to the kayak is an important feature for a bag, and one you’ll be glad to have access to down the line.

As with the IceMule Pro Catch, this fish bag also closes tight to protect the catch.

All you have to do to close this one is roll the top a few different times and snap the two buckles shut. Once that’s done, everything inside will stay cool and dry while you’re out on the water.

Finally, this model comes in two different sizes: 20 and 32 inches. That gives you more options and enables you to take in a range of different freshwater and saltwater fish species.

All you need is some ice or cool packs and you’re good to go.

Kayak Bag Cooler Seattle Sports Catch 20 Fishing
  • Convenient deck-top fish storage
  • Easy to use, pull out liner
  • Insulated liner; Heat reflective exterior in silver

The final fish bag on this list, the Seattle Sports Kayak Catch Cooler 20, is a smaller bag than some of the other options. However, it’s still a great choice for kayak fishing due to its incredible range of different features.

This model’s unique design is appealing for kayak angles because, rather than use the dry bag closure seen in the two above models, it uses a zippered main compartment paired with a removable interior roll-top liner.

That combination creates a system where the interior fish compartment is completely separate from your ice or cool packs.

That then enables you to remove the inner liner for easy cleaning while still leaving the main bag on your kayak if you want.

To continue, this fish bag also comes with six buckle straps so that you can securely attach it to either the back or front of your kayak. That provides you more options in the same vein as the Roll Catch Cooler, which only increases the model’s versatility.

There is also a drawstring cargo bungee on top that provides additional space.

Kayaks, while fun, are a bit cramped. It always helps to get extra storage when and where you can. The space on top of this bag is a perfect place to store any of your extra items you don’t always need to have access to, such as a tackle bag, jacket, or paddle.

As with the other options, the Catch Cooler also has a reflective silver material to stop heat absorption, and it also comes with closed-cell foam insulation.

If you’re looking for an excellent fish bag that is both compact and easy to use, this is one of the sturdier options out there.  


The Best Kayak Catch Storage Around

All five of the fish bags on this list are great options for kayak anglers. While not all of them are specifically made for that purpose, they each come with a range of different features that complement smaller craft.

Not every bag will fit every need, but if you go over the above list and understand what you’re looking for in a fish bag, you’ll be guaranteed great results.

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