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Native Kayaks Review: Best Pick For Your Next Kayaking Trip

Native Watercraft designs some of the most innovative and specialized fishing kayaks on the market. Our review covers the major Native kayak designs, versions made of different materials, and the brand’s technology for models propelled by paddles or pedals, angler paddle board and convertible tandem crafts. Quick Navigation What Are Native Kayaks?Native Kayaks SpecificationsPedal KayaksSlayer […]

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Hobie Pro Angler Review: What Sets It Apart from Its Competitors?

Fishing has become an activity you have found peaceful and relaxing for many years. Lately, you’ve been wanting to take your game to the next level and attempt to engage in kayak fishing. You’ve been doing some research but found yourself bogged down in many choices. Quick Navigation Who Is Hobie?What Type of Product Is […]

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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Review: Handling, Set Up and Lifespan

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy is a nine-foot craft suitable for moderate surf, lake or flat river fishing. This compact and lightweight recreational kayak features a tri-hull design with a deep center keel that helps to improve tracking while the broader shoulder sections provide plenty of stability. The Frenzy is a sit-on-top kayak that keeps anglers […]

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