Kayak Seats You Need: Top Picks for 2019

When people buy a kayak, many don’t stop to think about the padding for their bum. A kayak seat is probably the last thing that comes to their mind. Instead, they are looking at speed, durability, maneuverability, and other factors. The fact is you need a better seat for your kayak. That’s why we have gathered a list of the best kayak seats on the market for you to peruse.

While most often kayaks come with ample amount of storage space, having a seat that can provide you with just a little more cargo space can make things easier. A comfortable kayak seat will keep you stretched and take you away from the pain in your back which can cause you to shorten your kayaking journey out in the water. We’ve researched, tested and reviewed the ten best kayak seats you can find in the market today.

Best Kayak Seats: Top Choices for 2019

Kayak Seats Name Ratings Price
GTS Sport Sit-on-top kayak seats GTS Sports Sit-on-top Kayak Seat Check Price
KERCO Deluxe kayak seats SUP Boating Seat

KERCO DELUXE Kayak Seat SUP Boating Seat

Check Price
Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Detachable Back Backpack/Bag Canoe Backrest - kayak seats Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Check Price
Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat - kayak seats Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat Check Price
Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Seat - kayak seats Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Seat Check Price
iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Boat Seat with Detachable Canoe Backrest Seat Bag - kayak seats iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Seat Check Price
High Back Gel Paddle Saddle P3 - kayak seats High Back Gel Paddle Saddle P3 Check Price
Hot Seat kayak seats Hot Seat Kayak Seat Check Price
Folding kayak seats Pad Cushion Folding Kayak Seat Pad Cushion Check Price
Harmony Techlift kayak seats Harmony Techlift Kayak Seat Check Price

Why Do you Need to Invest in One of the Best Kayak Seats?

One of the benefits of having one of the best kayak seats is having proper back support. Many kayak seats can offer you lumbar support to help you go further for longer periods of time. Another benefit is a seat ensures your form is spot on. When you are in pain and paddling, you aren’t propelling yourself as fast as you may want.

In return, the sore muscles just hurt more, and you don’t get nearly as far. With a proper seat, your form won’t suffer, and you will be able to keep going. An added bonus is that some seats offer added storage for your valuables. That extra storage space can come in handy especially when you bring a camera and store it closer to you for easier access. Among all the reasons why a kayak seat is beneficial, the main reason is maneuverability. When you have a proper seat, you can move around a lot more quickly and comfortably than going paddling without a seat.

Things to Consider When Perusing the Best Kayak Seats

There are things that you should consider when choosing from among the best kayak seats. You need to be comfortable during those long days out on the water. The seat that is typically provided with your kayak won’t be as comfortable and may even not exist. And truth be told, if the seat isn’t comfortable, you won’t be comfortable, and that could lead to a short-lived excursion and back issues. So how do you choose the right kayak seat? Here are a few details you need to be concerned about.

Padding or cushion

The first thing you should look for among the best kayak seats is the padding or cushion. The size of the cushion should be of importance to you as the cushion is what will prevent your bum from going numb or your back from getting too sore. A cushion should be thick enough to provide padding between you and the kayak, but not so much so that it is bulky.


The material of the cushion is another factor to consider, and since you are going to be out on the water, it should be made of a material that can be easily wiped clean. No one wants a wet squishy seat that stays wet and traps moisture and odors. Plus, you want a seat that is UV protected so that it won’t fade or crack over time.

Type of seat cushion

There are two main types of seat cushions to choose from. One is a strap seat that will clamp to the boat which is the popular type of kayak seat cushion and the other is self-adhesive that you simply peel off the back layer and stick it to the kayak. You can get different varieties of seat cushions and depending on your likeliness, you can go ahead and pick the one that you feel right about.

The Type of kayak​

Not all kayak seats are made equal. Depending on the type of your kayak, either sit-on-top or sit-in, there are different kayak seats made for each style.Choosing the right seat will help provide circulation to your legs, help you remain balanced in your kayak and provide you with the support your body needs while out on the water.

Best Sit-on-top Kayak Seats

A sit-on-top kayak is usually bulky and don’t roll as easily as sit in kayaks and it’s extremely necessary to consider the stability of the kayak when purchasing a seat for it.

​A kayak seat for sit-on-top kayaks comes with seat and padding with good cushioning to make it comfortable throughout while in the water.

Here are the five best sit-on-top kayak seats we like. ​

1. GTS Sports Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

GTS Sport Sit-on-top kayak seats

The GTS seat for kayaks is made of lycra foam laminate and enhanced molded water channeling grooves to keep you out of a pool of water while you are paddling.

This seat is designed with a built-in Tri-laminated backrest support so that you will have proper paddling and won’t burn out quickly on the water.

The seat is 13″ in length and x 24″ wide making it perfect for any sit-on-top kayaks.

The cushion is 14” in length x 14” wide and 3/4” high to provide enough padding without being too bulky.

This GTS seat comes with a multi-adjustable front and rear straps to keep the seat in place.

It also comes with added storage space with a zipper to keep your valuables in the boat.

The GTS is designed for smaller paddlers that need the extra back support.

The cushion is padded with EVA thermoformed foam that will self-conform to your body without compromising the firmness you need and won’t get soggy.

One thing you need to know before you get this kayak seat is that it is not designed for additional storage. It takes up space and is a great value for the comfort it provides while in the water.

Features I like​

  • ​​​​Lycra foam lamination.
  • Tri-laminated backrest for support.
  • Designed for smaller paddlers in general.
  • Great comfort, inexpensive and durable.

Check Price

2. KERCO Deluxe Kayak Boating Set

KERCO Deluxe kayak seats SUP Boating Seat

The Kerco seat is 13” in length x 15” wide made of molded foam and nylon to keep you comfortable while out having fun.

The seat won’t soak up water and is easy to clean.

The cushion is one inch thick giving your bottom the proper circulation to your legs while paddling.

The Kerco provides great back support as it is 18” by 21” inches, perfect for people of any size and built.

The extra length helps when out for long days and reduces the strain on the back.

The foam molds to the contours of your body and remains firm, yet doesn’t give you the feeling like you are sitting on a rock.

This seat also comes with an additional backpack for storing extra items making it easy for storage of addition accessories you might require.

The Kerco does come with straps that secure the seat down, and the cushion, however, may shift around and may not provide the proper balance.

The seat is only 1 inch thick which might be uncomfortable for some people at the start, but once you get adjusted to it, it’ll become your best seat for sure.

Features I like​

  • Constructed with molded foam and nylon.
  • Won’t soak up with water.
  • Extra length reduces strain.
  • Comes with additional backpack for storage.

3. Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat Detachable Back Backpack/Bag Canoe Backrest - kayak seats

The Pactrade Marine Adjustable Padded Deluxe Kayak Seat is super versatile. You can attach this seat to both a sit-in and sit-on-top kayak. The universal strap system means that you can use this seat in pretty much any model of kayak you desire.

This Pactrade Marine kayak seat provides firm back support that many paddlers need when taking long trips. The backrest measures 18 inches tall.

The front and rear straps are adjustable up to 18 inches. This allows you to adjust the seat for different sized kayaks and users.

The non-slip contoured backrest and seat keep you securely in place throughout your kayak trip. Even if your kayak takes on water, you can rest easy knowing you’ll stay safely in your seat.

While the Pactrade Marine kayak seat is designed for kayaks, it can also be used in paddleboards. With the appropriate hardware, you can install this seat on any kayak or replace a stock seat with Pactrade Marine’s more comfortable one.

This seat features a detachable bag that is great for holding miscellaneous kayak accessories, water, or food.

Features I like

  • Designed for all types of kayaks and paddleboards.
  • Fully adjustable straps for all sizes.
  • Contoured cushioning for extra stability.
  • Detachable bag for convenient storage
  • Firm back support even during long trips.

4. Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat

Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat - kayak seats

If you are looking for a seat that has the most padding, then this is the seat for you!

The padding is 1.7 inches, and the seat is 25 inches in length x 17 inches wide.

This kayak seat is adjustable that comes with a built-in ventilation system and reflective logos so that anyone on the water can spot you easily.

The seat is UV-resistant and made with nylon that ensures durability.

The chair comes with four-way adjustable mounting straps to help you get the most comfort from this seat.

Not to mention that it is reinforced with additional back support and brass swivels.

This seat is remarkable for rough waters as the padding will keep you comfortable and balanced in the kayak.

The built-in ventilation system allows your seat to ‘breathe’ so that it doesn’t get too hot, or too soggy.

This seat has a taller back than most other seats.

Some may applaud the extra backspace, but in smaller kayaks, you will find you just don’t have the room, and it may hinder shorter paddlers. This makes it necessary to check your kayak size.

But, overall, the Ocean kayak comfort seat goes by its name and is extremely comfortable and supporting.​

Features I like​

  • Most padding for comfort.
  • Good for rough waters.
  • Built-in ventilation for temperature adjustments.
  • UV-resistant and extremely durable.

Check Price

5. Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Seat

Malibu Kayaks Spider Angler Seat - kayak seats

The Spider is one of the best fishing seat you can get for the money.

The spider’s complete seating option allows you to add on rear gear bag, dual built-in rod holders, a place to store your tools and super thick padding to keep you comfortable all day long.

The complete seating option also comes with a bottle holder and “D” rings for attaching your gear and safety reflectors so that other people can spot your easier.

The Spider comes with a high back so that you can lean back and enjoy your time on the water while waiting for the fish to bite.

In order to enjoy this seat, you need to get the added stuff to make it work.

If fishing isn’t your thing, then the seat will be perfect as it is.

The cushioning is super thick and provides the best comfort for exercising or a lazy day on the water.

Features I like​

  • Comes with additional accessories.
  • High back support.
  • Good for recreational kayaks.
  • Good cushion, extremely durable.

Check Price

 Best Sit-in Kayak Seats

Sit-in kayaks are best for those who want to tackle some white water as they come with a skirt for keeping you drier than a kayak that is sit-on-top.

Plus, sit-inside kayaks are narrow and finding a seat can be a bit daunting. The seats won’t be as adjustable for sit-in’s as they are for sit-on-tops.

Usually, when looking for a seat for a sit-in kayak, all you will find is padding and not an actual “seat”, but there are some out there.

Here are the top five seats for your sit-in kayak.

6. iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Seat

iGuerburn Adjustable Padded Kayak Boat Seat with Detachable Canoe Backrest Seat Bag - kayak seats

This hefty seat offers sturdy support and padding for use with sit-on-top kayaks and canoes. Adjustable front and back straps let you customize this seat to your needs.

The contoured foam padding offers stability and grip when you need it most. You can feel confident in this seat knowing that you’ll stay in place even in wet or rough conditions.

Once this seat is put in place, it won’t budge. The seat can be strapped down for stability and give your back the support it needs during your time out on the water.

The seat comes with a convenient backpack that allows you to store personal items or supplies while out on the water.

At 17.2 inches tall, the backrest is a little shorter than other options on our list. However, it’s still plenty tall enough for most users.

The elevated seat makes this a great seat option for those who need a little extra room. And with a one-year warranty, you can rest assured that this seat can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Features I like

  • Adjustable front and rear straps for stable installation.
  • Contoured foam padding.
  • Elevated seat.
  • Comes with backpack for storage.
  • Works with both sit-on-top kayaks and canoes.

7. High Back Gel Saddle Paddle P3

High Back Gel Paddle Saddle P3 - kayak seats

The Saddle P3 is a gel-filled seat and made with lycra laminated surface for durability.

The seat is insulated to keep you warm when paddling in colder waters.

This seat won’t raise the center of gravity for you, keeping you balanced and comfortable.

This kayak seat reduces pressure points and distributes weight so that your back doesn’t get sore and legs receive proper circulation.

The high back seat protects the lower back from chafing and “spine rub” which may cause you to cut your trip short or stop more frequently.

The gel pad is soft enough to provide cushioning and molds to your body.

It has a high backrest that attaches easily.

There are no cup holders or any extra perks that come with this seat.

While it is used for sit-in kayaks, you will need to make sure of the dimensions of the kayak so that the seat will fit.

Features I like​

  • Comes with CHIRP sonar and DownScan overlay.
  • Good display of terrain underwater.
  • Cheap and durable.
  • Great power, works in different frequencies as required.

Check Price

8. Hot Seat Kayak Seat

Hot Seat kayak seats

Like many other cushions for sit-in kayaks, the hot seat kayak seat is made with durable Lycra thermal-molded foam that is laminated and will stand up to the test of time.

The Hot and Spicy is made with a higher foam density and is designed for serious white water kayaking.

The cushion is 13.75” from side to side and 12” front to back.

It is the thickness of this cushion that makes it stand out. It is 1.25 inches thick!

The cushion is self-adhesive, just peel the backing and stick on. It has a high grip surface for added traction you need when plowing through the rough water.

This isn’t a seat, and it is a cushion. There is no extra back support or anything else that comes with actual “seats”, and once it is on, it is on.

Taking this cushion off will pose a problem, but if you are looking for a cushion that will stay in place and provide you with the comfort you need, then this is a perfect choice.

Features I like​

  • Durable foam and good cushion.
  • Best for white water kayaking.
  • High grip surface for additional traction.
  • Stays in place and provides great comfort.

Check Price

9. Folding Kayak Sit Pad Cushion

Folding kayak seats Pad Cushion

The folding kayak seat pad cushion is designed especially for sit-in kayaks.

It is made with closed cell foam that is 14.5 inches in length, 11.5 inches wide and ¾ inch thick.

This cushion can be used for a variety of different things, from kayaking all day and easily folded up for storage.

You can even use it for stadium seating or gardening.

The reason this made the list is due to its versatility and multipurpose applications. Though you can use this for a variety of different tasks, the cushion has a great stability, you need out on the water.

It is a perfect choice for a short time on the water while on your kayak either for recreation or fishing.

Features I like​

  • Good cushion.
  • Versatile and multipurpose applications.
  • Good for short trips in kayak.
  • Cheap, but durable.

Check Price

10. Harmony Techlift Kayak Seat

Harmony Techlift kayak seats

The Harmony is one-inch thick seat pad that increases your comfort and keeps you in the proper position while paddling.

It comes with an adhesive backing so that you can place it in the right spot that will best suit your needs.

Unlike other pads, this one will not absorb water or get soggy.

Even though you are in a sit-in kayak, water is still an issue, and you don’t want a pad that will soak up the water and make the cushion lose its comfort.

The seat is made with mini cell closed-cell foam and is easily cut to fit into any kayak. The seat is 15” in length x 16” wide and one inch thick.

The seat can easily be applied to add that extra height you need to get the most out of every stroke.

This kayak seat will stay in place and not budge, giving you the stability you need when paddling out in calm or rough waters.

Like many pads that are self- adhesive, this one also maintains its adhesion for stability and comfort.

Features I like​

  • Adhesive and stable.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • Can be applied to add additional height for comfort.
  • Inexpensive and durable.

Check Price

Final Review on the Best Kayak Seats

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best kayak seats. When you are looking for a seat for your kayak, comfort should be everything. Make sure you note the dimensions of your kayak before purchasing a seat. You don’t want to sit too high in the kayak and throw off your center of gravity. Nor do you want a seat that doesn’t give you the cushioning you need to keep you going.

Many seats on the market will provide you comfort, but you should also know that your legs can suffer from poor circulation on longer trips, and finding the right seat will help reduce that issue.

Janice Friedman

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