Best Fishing Sunglasses: Be Protected From UV Rays

As a fisher, we spend most of our time out in the water and under the sun while waiting patiently for our next catch. When you’re out there in the water, our eyes are the most important asset that allows us to scan the water for the slightest movement.

While we love having clear, sunny days while fishing, we all know our eyes are vulnerable from the sun’s rays. Plus, the harsh rays are reflected off the water which makes you partially blind because of glare.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of sunglasses we can use for fishing.

Today, we’re going to help you find the best fishing sunglasses by going through our list of top-rated pairs. We have also written a brief guide on how to shop for fishing sunglasses.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

We all know that sunglasses are more than just fashion accessories, so we are obligated to highlight products that we believe our readers would find useful. So it’s important for us to be accurate and most of all, honest.

Coming up with the following list of the top-rated fishing sunglasses was no easy task. We have to put in many hours of research and testing to ensure there won’t be any buyer’s remorse.

We have taken into account numerous factors like build quality, features, and price. Also, we have also checked user reviews and feedback to ensure that our recommendations are at least, well-liked by customers.

Thus, we can guarantee it’s hard to go wrong with any of these sunglasses and they will serve you well on your fishing trips.

Let’s get to it!

Top 5 Best Fishing Sunglasses

Below are some of the top-rated sunglasses you can get to stay ahead of your fishing game.

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580G Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses,...
  • Costa's most high tech lens - 580 Glass provides superior clarity, ultra scratch-resistant, 100% UV protection and the...
  • Green Mirror Polarized enhances vision and contrast, great for fishing inshore and on flats.
  • Costa's co-injected bio-based nylon frame material, TR-90, is both tough and durable, while offering a comfortable fit.
  • Prescription ready: Yes
  • Fit: Medium
  • Lenses: 580 Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Frame: Nylon
  • Key features: Rx-able, 580 Glass, Green Mirror Polarized, Bio-based nylon frame, 100% UV protection

The Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses is our top pick for any anglers.

These full frame glasses are the happy medium between casual appeal and athletic performance. One nice touch about this pair is the rubberized coating at the temples which help secure the glasses to the face. This is a fully appreciated feature especially when you’re out there in the water.

The frames are made of bio-based nylon which is designed for optimal comfort and durability in mind. This is, of course, a good thing if you plan on spending the entire day wearing these glasses. The 580 polarized lenses kill the reflected glare which greatly reduces eye strain. The TR-90 nylon frames are impact and scratch resistant which means that you can count on these glasses even when the going gets tough.

The Fantail is available in 8 different lenses and each has their own optimal applications. For example, the Green Mirror lenses are best for sight fishing under a full sun while the Blue Mirror is more suited for boating and fishing in deep water.

This is one of the most versatile and heavy-duty pairs that you can use for fishing.

Oakley Men's OO9096 Fuel Cell Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte...
  • Oakley Plutonite Lenses offer 100% UV Protection filtering of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400mm....
  • PRIZM Lens Technology designed to enhance color, contrast and detail so athletes can make the most of any activity....
  • Patented High Definition Optics (HDO) provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle.
  • Prescription ready: Yes
  • Fit: Three-Point Fit
  • Lenses: Prizmh20
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Frame: O MATTER frame material
  • Key features: Oakley HDPolarized, Dual lens POLARIC ELLIPSOID geometry, filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC& harmful blue light up to 400nm, Three-Point Fit, Stress resistant O MATTER frame material

Oakley is a household name when it comes to stylish sunglasses. The Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses is another fine addition to the company’s stylish pairs.

The Fuel Cell is not exactly fishing sunglasses but is rather designed for people with an active lifestyle and prefer glasses that cover their entire eye including their peripheral vision. However, this doesn’t mean that the Fuel Cell is not a good pair for fishing under the sun.

The Fuel Cell features some fairly sophisticated technology like the Dual lens Polaric Ellipsoid™ geometry which extends clarity to a whole new level. The UV filtering is also off the charts which is good because you don’t want to damage your eyes while fishing.

The Fuel Cell is not made for fishing specifically but it doesn’t mean that it won’t serve you well while you’re out in the water. And they look so good that you can wear it outside of fishing.

Maui Jim unisex adult Peahi Sunglasses, Black Matte Rubber/Blue Hawaii...
  • Click the Maui Jim link above to visit our brand store, where you can find our entire catalog of sunglasses
  • All Maui Jim sunglasses feature PolarizedPlus2 lens technology that go beyond shielding your eyes from glare and harmful...
  • Enjoy ultimate UV protection combined with premium style, incredible durability, glare-free vision, and color-boosting...
  • Prescription ready: No
  • Fit: -
  • Lenses: Lightweight Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Frame: Black Matte Plastic Frame
  • Key features: Plastic frame, Polarized Lens, Eliminates glare and blocks UV rays, SuperThin (ST) glass lenses, PolarizedPlus2 technology

Maui Jim is a popular brand name of sunglasses and the Maui Jim Mens Peahi Sunglasses is the perfect recommendation for anglers.

The glasses feature frame hardware and saltwater safe lens coatings which make it an excellent accessory for coastal fishers or people who simply love spending time near the coast. The overall size of the glasses can be bulky but I say it’s a happy medium between functional bulk and thinner casual shades.

The advanced frame polymer is made of lightweight durable material. So it’s a lightweight pair of glasses without feeling cheap or flimsy. You can wear the Peahi for half a day and you will barely feel that it’s even there. This lightweight comfort is the best reason why I love these shades.

However, the Peahi is also the most expensive pair on this list but trust me when I say that it’s worth every cent.

  • Prescription ready: No
  • Fit: Flexible
  • Lenses: Lightweight Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Frame: Black Matte Plastic Frame
  • Key features: Polarized lenses, Polarized triacetate lenses, AcuTint lens coloring system, 95% UVA and UVB protection

Want the best fishing sunglasses but won’t pay a fortune for it? The Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses is our top pick for the budget conscious.

Since this is a sub pair of glasses, there’s not much to expect here in terms of quality and feature. For instance, the polarized lenses will pale in comparison with the ones that are found in a Costa Del Mar’s. However, the performance is still decent enough for a pair that you can easily replace.

The polarized lenses cut the brightness just right while still making everything look sharp and vivid. The Amber lenses did a good job of eradicating surface glare which is great if you’re fishing under a particularly sunny day. Comfort is also on-point as I can wear this pair for 12 to 14 hours and there’s no rubbing or hot spots that I’ve experienced.

The construction is rather flimsy but it’s not that bad for a budget pair.

Hobie Baja Men's Rectangular Sunglasses,Shiny Brown Wood Grain,64 mm
  • Since 1950, hobie innovations have been changing the way we live, play and compete on the water, out of the garage hobie...
  • Hydroclean plus lens technology-unmatched vision on/off water, enhanced hydrophobic/anti-reflective coatings result in...
  • This particular hobie baja collection xl sunglass features a: 8 base hobie color balanced polycarbonate lens, transmits...
  • Prescription ready: Yes
  • Fit: -
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Frame: Plastic Frame
  • Key features: 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC Ray Protection coating, Polarized, Hydroclean plus lens technology, Color balanced polycarbonate lens

While the Hobie Baja Polarized Sunglasses feature a rather casual frame and style, these shades should have no problem accommodating your fishing needs.

The slim frame is a concern as it may not be enough to block out the light coming from the sides and the glare reflecting from the water. However, after using these shades, I am happy to report that it blocks out light just fine. The anti-fog gasket feature is also a nice touch as it prevents any fogging while fishing.

The rectangle plastic frame is quite flexible and does a good job of absorbing some bends and flexes. Due to its flexible frame, it’s a good option for those with wider faces. The polarized polycarbonate lenses are not the best out there but they’re more than decent.

Overall, these glasses are more suited to ocean fishing. They’re comfortable and stylish, so you can definitely wear them even after you step out of the boat.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Fishing Sunglasses

Now, you’ve arrived at our quick guide on how to shop for a good pair of fishing shades. Keep these features in mind when shopping:

Types and Frame Styles

When it comes to fishing sunglasses, there are generally two types to choose from: Sports and Casual.

Sports sunglasses are mostly suited for fishing due to their fit that usually hugs the face and temples. Due to the tighter fit, there’s less likelihood that ambient light will sneak
around the lenses and get to your eye. The tight fit also prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from entering the glasses.

Casual or fashion sunglasses include types like aviators and retro shades. These sunglasses don’t have the same form-fitting design which makes them a little less effective for fishing. However, they’re a good option if you want a more “all-around” pair.

Lens Material

The majority of sunglasses on the market are made from polycarbonate lenses. It’s a man-made material that provides the much-needed precision and it’s also a lot lighter than glass. However, they are quite vulnerable to scratching. Fortunately, most manufacturers work around this by coating the lenses with scratch resistant coatings.

There are shades that come with glass lenses which is more scratch resistant. However, they’re known to be heavy and dropping them pretty much means breaking them.

There are also polyurethane lenses which are the premium option. They’re tougher and won’t shatter like glass.

Polarized Glasses

In general, you want a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses. There’s just no way around this.

Polarization greatly reduces the overall amount of incoming light which helps eradicate the glare that’s reflected off the water. The amount of UV rays that affect your eyes are also greatly reduced. When you are fishing, you will know the difference between having polarized lenses and not.

Again, this is not much of a concern since fishing sunglasses generally have polarized lenses. However, there’s no harm in making sure.

That wraps up our list of the best fishing sunglasses that you can buy.

If you are truly serious about your fishing hobby (and you care about your eyes), then getting a pair of fishing sunglasses is a no-brainer. They’re more than just accessories designed to make you look cool. It’s a good thing that many angling sunglasses nowadays come in stylish designs.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you pick the best shades for your angling needs. Or at least, you now have a better idea on how to shop for a good pair of fishing sunglasses.

If you have any questions about this guide or fishing sunglasses in general, we’d love to hear from you through the comment section. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Janice Friedman

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