Austin Kayaks Review: Products, Pricing, Customer Service, and More

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your kayak fishing needs? Whether you are a professional or just getting started, looking for all the best gear, kayaks, fishing poles, and accessories can feel overwhelming. It’s difficult to compare different brands, and it takes time and money to shop at different stores, whether you shop online or in-store. For a popular store that offers all the
accessories you need and a variety of brands, try shopping at Austin Kayak.

Austin Kayaks
Pros & Cons


  • The selection is extensive, with plenty of fishing kayaks, fishing gear and all the hardware you need
  • Generous shipping and return policy, with free shipping on many orders and a one-year limited warranty
  • Reasonably affordable canoe and kayak gear


  • Some customers claimed that they are having a hard time returning an item.

Austin Kayaks 

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Austin Canoe and Kayak

Whether you shop at one of the brick and mortar stores located in Texas or shop online, Austin Canoe and Kayak is a convenient way to buy everything you need for kayak fishing. This complete guide will give you all the information you need about Austin Kayak, including the gear they sell for kayak fishing, their customer service, and customer reviews. If you aren’t sure about this retailer, this guide will help you compare it with some other top online stores. Finally, you’ll find a list of pros and cons to determine whether Austin Canoe and Kayak is the right choice for you.

What Is Austin Canoe and Kayak?

This canoe and kayak retailer started more than 20 years ago in Austin, Texas. Now, they have stores all across Texas, and an expansive online store. Most importantly, they carry a huge line of kayak fishing gear and specialized kayaks for fishing. Despite the popularity of this sport, it can be difficult to find all the accessories you need in one place. Their extensive line of products, as well as the easy-to-manage website, allows you to easily find everything you need. You’ll be in the water with a paddle and rod before you know it. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, Austin Kayak also has extensive information to help you find the right gear. Check out their huge selection, and be sure to look for deals and discounts.

The Right Gear for Kayak Fishing

Whether you are a professional or amateur, it’s hard to know what gear is worthwhile. Obviously, a fishing rod, kayak, and paddle are essential, but beyond that, what accessories are useful and which ones are not worth the price tag? Here are some popular items that many kayak anglers find useful. There are lots of options for each one at Austin Canoe and Kayak, so be sure to look at several models before choosing the best gear for your fishing adventures.

Fishing Kayak

While you can technically fish out of any kayak, some make the experience much more practical and enjoyable. Kayaks specifically designed for fishing feature sit-on-top style seating. This means that you won’t be sunk down in the hull, like most traditional kayaks, but instead will have more freedom of movement. This is important for two reasons. First, a sit-on-top kayak provides more stability and is usually capable of holding more weight. Weight is a key component when you are loading up your kayak with lots of gear. Second, these kayaks are outfitted with a deck layout that is designed for fishing in mind. Some kayaks aren’t able to handle all the add-ons, like rod holders, bait and tackle boxes, bait tanks, extra clothes, depth finders, and anchors. Be sure your kayak cannot only fit each of these but also is rated for the amount of additional weight. A wider kayak is also necessary, as this will provide you with enough stability to move around efficiently. You may also want to consider a long kayak. Kayaks that are 14-foot long, or longer, provide a more stable, forward motion. This will limit the sideways movement of your kayak, and help achieve a smoother, silent approach.

Fishing Rod and Reel

The next step is to determine the best rod and reel for your trip. If you’re an avid angler, this is an easy answer. Your rod choice will depend more on the climate, type of fish and your style of fishing, rather than the fact that you are kayak fishing. Choose the rod and reel that you are most comfortable with, and be sure you have a rod holder that fits it comfortably.

Tackle Box

Here’s where kayak fishing differs from the boat or shore fishing. While you still need a tackle box for the same reasons, you’ll need to find a box that is able to fit in your kayak and be properly secured. While fishing kayaks can remain fairly stable, they aren’t as stable as a larger watercraft. There might not be room inside your kayak, so many crates are directly on top of the deck. It’s possible to buy mounting hardware to bring your old, trusty tackle box with you. However, there are also high-quality boxes that are designed specifically to be used for kayak fishing.

Rod Holder

Imagine for a moment that you have a rod in one hand, a paddle in the other, and the biggest fish you’ve ever caught grabs your line. With only two hands, so many tasks at once can be difficult to manage and you certainly don’t want to lose that fish. That’s why a rod holder is an essential part of your kayak fishing gear. Retailers, like Austin Kayak, sell a large variety of kayak-specific holders. There is a wide range of options available, and many different features to look for. Some clamps are screwed directly to your kayak, some can be installed on a mounting rack, and still, others use a clamp system to easily hold the hull of your kayak.

Fish Finder, Depth Finder, and Other Gadgets

If you’re into the latest tech, there is no limit to the many different devices available for your kayak fishing needs. Whether you want to see where the fish are, find out the depth of your favorite fishing hole, or have up-to-date weather tracking, there’s plenty of technological accessories to choose from. Some are convenient, handheld devices, while others can be installed directly onto your kayak or tackle box.


There’s nothing worse than constantly adjusting your kayak’s position in order to stay in the perfect fishing hole. These small, kayak-specific anchors can keep you exactly where you need to be. Austin Kayak has a wide range of anchors and accessories. From a foldable, 3-pound anchor, to a rope cleat for tying off your kayak, these products are invaluable while fishing in any area with a current or a breeze.

Trolling Motors

Feeling the need for speed? That’s right; there are trolling motors available for kayaks. Choose from a range of motors, everything you need to mount and operate a trolling motor is available from Austin Kayak and other large retailers. These expensive motors can save you lots of time and energy, particularly if you are fishing in a remote area.

Fishing Accessories

Finally, Austin Kayak and Canoe carries all the tools, measuring devices and floats you need for almost any type of fishing. There’s no need to stop by a fishing retail store because you can easily get everything you need here. There are also discounts available if you order a kayak in combination with other items, so you can save up to 15 percent if you buy it all together.

Safety Gear, Life Jackets, and Survival Tools

Kayak anglers are in very remote areas. Especially if you fish alone, it’s wise to have some survival gear. At the minimum, you should have a life jacket easily available. Other gear, like safety flags, first aid kits, maps, and knives, can also mean the difference between life and death. Before you go on a long outing, it’s a good idea to think about your survival and protective gear. Thankfully, all of these can be found at Austin Kayak and Canoe.

Austin Kayak Customer Service

If you want to talk to a customer service agent who actually understands kayak fishing, this is a great company to choose. While they do feature canoes and kayaks for more general use, fishing kayaks and gear are a large portion of their business. Their website has lots of helpful articles about kayak fishing, whether you are looking for buying guides or installation guides. The company is easily approachable, with phone numbers and email addresses available for contacting a representative. However, there isn’t a live chat feature, so you may need to wait to get your questions answered while shopping. Almost all of the items in the store are backed by a one-year limited warranty.


While purchasing everything from a large retail store may be more expensive, it’s convenient to make one big purchase to get everything on your list. Determine your budget, as well as the time available, and decide whether you have the time to shop around or the money to make one big purchase. If you find that some of their prices seem expensive, be aware that they match competitor prices.

Austin Kayak How It Compares

Take a look at each of these competitor retail stores, and see how they compare with Austin Kayak. Each one offers a similar selection of fishing kayaks from leading brands, as well as fishing gear and accessories.


Another great online retailer, REI provides an excellent selection of kayaks, fishing gear, and kayak fishing specialty gear. REI has the benefit of having a huge selection of outdoor gear and accessories, so you’ll have a larger selection. Just like Austin Kayaks, REI has a one-year warranty on almost all of their products. Their selection of sit-on-top kayaks is extensive; however, their selection of kayak fishing gear is lacking in comparison to competitors. Any order over $49 receives free shipping, and REI gives 10% off to members. If you are looking for a trusted brand and a wide variety of outdoor products, REI is a great choice. However, if you want the best and most hard-to-find kayak fishing gear, you may want to look for a different retailer.

Kayak Fishing Supplies

This highly specialized online store provides one of the largest selections of kayak fishing gear. You’ll be able to shop by brand or accessory type, and there are lots of brands to choose from. Prices are reasonable and often similar to larger department stores. It’s a great place to order those hard-to-find items. However, Kayak Fishing Supplies doesn’t offer free shipping. Even with large orders, you’ll pay $12.95 for shipping. They also have a strict return policy. You can only get a full refund if you return an unused product before 45 days. Even then, you’ll need to pay to ship your return. Between 45 and 90 days, you’ll receive an 85% refund, after which there is no refund available. You may find the items you need, but make sure you only order what you use, because large returns could be costly. It’s a great place to get a few specialty items that you may not find at other online retail stores.

Pros and Cons

There are lots of great reasons to choose Austin Kayak and Canoe as your online retail store. The selection is extensive, with plenty of fishing kayaks, fishing gear and all the hardware you need to customize your kayak. They also have a generous shipping and return policy, with free shipping on many orders and a one-year limited warranty on most items. However, prices may be slightly more expensive at Austin Kayak. You also won’t find the range of outdoor gear that you might find at other, more general retail stores. If you want a lot of kayak fishing gear, but don’t need any additional outdoor gear or other sporting equipment, Austin Kayak and Canoe is an excellent choice.


For a large selection of reasonably affordable canoe and kayak gear, Austin Kayak receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great place to visit online, whether you need a fishing kayak, fishing rod or advice about your technique. While it doesn’t have as large of a selection as other stores, it has lots of important information regarding your purchases. Always check out any deals or savings, and be sure to shop for clearance items. Whether you are looking for a basic kayak and fishing pole, or the latest, state-of-the-art electronic fishing equipment, you won’t be disappointed with the Austin Kayak and Canoe selection.






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